Thursday, May 25, 2017

Welcome, Class of 2021!

This message was sent by email today to all new students in the Class of 2021:

Hello! This is the first of so many messages that you’ll be receiving from the First-Year Class Dean's office over the next year, which will explain procedures that you need to follow, inform you of policies that you need to know, and remind you of upcoming deadlines that you need to meet. So whenever you see "Barnard First-Year" or “First-Year Class Dean” pop up in your inbox, please be sure to read the emails carefully to make sure that you’re informed and ready for what’s coming up next.

In this email you’ll find information about the following:

1) The Academic Guide to Your First Year at Barnard College, mailed to you next week;

2) A questionnaire you'll be filling out to help us match you with your academic adviser

3) The First-Year Blog;

4) Our wonderful Summer Programming Assistants; and

5) Dates for Family Weekend in the fall semester.

Read on for more details (after the jump):

1) Next week we will be mailing all of you a packet of information that will introduce you to academic life at Barnard College and that will help you begin to prepare for your first year on campus. You should receive it within the next two weeks (students living abroad will receive this via email first -- paper copy to follow). If you live in the US and haven’t received the packet by the middle of June, please let us know. It will have important information about preregistration for fall courses, which begins July 24, 2017.

2) Now is a good time to start getting used to checking your Barnard "gBear" email regularly. If you have not yet set up your Barnard email, look for an email from Barnard College Information Technology (BCIT) in your inbox. On June 1, you will receive an email at your Barnard address with a unique link to a questionnaire about your academic and personal background, interests, goals, and questions -- this will help us to pair you with an academic adviser, and it will help your assigned adviser get to know you. Check your Barnard email for this advising questionnaire, and please fill it out by June 15, 2017.

3) We also want to introduce you to an important online resource that you’ll want to bookmark and check throughout the summer: the First-Year Blog at The left-hand column has just been emptied of the past year’s postings, but it will now be filling up with announcements and reminders and explanations and updates. The right-hand column contains information that will be useful for you throughout the year: a calendar of upcoming deadlines, useful pages on the Barnard and Columbia websites, and a “topics” and “archives” section that will allow you to pull up the postings that relate to a specific area/procedure/department.

4) Two other great resources for you this summer will be two Barnard students who will be working for the Dean of Studies Office as Summer Office & Communications Assistants: Paige Moskowitz and Rowan Hepps-Keeney. Both are friendly and experienced students who are hard at work creating content, answering questions, and doing everything in their power to demystify the Barnard experience for you, so you can have as clear an idea as possible about what to expect. They will both be introducing themselves on the blog in the coming days, so watch this space.

5) Finally, here is a quick heads-up about the dates for Family Weekend at Barnard. This fall, Family Weekend will be held October 20-21, and it would be a great time for your family and friends to visit you if they are able, to meet the faculty and administrators of the College, and to experience specially planned events on the Barnard campus. You’ll receive more information about Family Weekend at the beginning of the semester, but knowing the dates now may help your family determine their travel plans for a visit to New York.

Stay tuned for more information on the FY Blog and in your email inbox!

Best wishes from the Office of the First-Year Class Dean