Thursday, June 8, 2017

Recommended Courses for First-Years by Department

Some of you might be trying to plan your schedule and have no idea what courses to take. You might have some ideas about the areas you could potentially major in, but don't know what courses to take to find out more.

Maybe trying to search for courses makes you want to do this:

Don’t stress! I’m here to help! Attached is a PDF with the recommended introductory course offered in the Fall 2017 semester for every. Single. Major. Program. From A to Z we got you covered (really from A to W because there’s no majors beginning with X, Y, or Z). Take a peek at the PDF and you’ll find a description of the department, what major(s) and minor(s) they offer, and courses they’re offering for first-years this upcoming semester.

Hopefully with the help of this list, your search for courses will go a bit smoother. Happy course searching!