Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Classes saving spots for entering first-year students

As you peruse the Directory of Classes, you may be seeing many courses that appear to be full.  In some cases, this may be accurate.  BUT the good news is that many popular introductory courses are artificially small now because they are saving spots for you, entering first-year Barnard students. Classes saving spots for entering first-year Barnard students include but are not limited to those listed below.  There may well be additional classes where space may become available, or where instructors will let entering students in off of waiting lists, so if your class is not on this list, don't despair:

ASTR-UN1903 Astronomy Lab I (the lab that goes with ASTR-BC1753 Life in the Universe)

BIOL-BC1500 Intro to Organismal and Evolutionary Bio, and its recitation (BIOL-BC1511) and lab (BIOL-BC1501)

CHEM-BC2001 General Chemistry I and its recitation (CHEM-BC2011) and lab (CHEM-BC2012)

DNCE-BC2570 Dance in New York City

ECON-BC1003 Introduction to Economic Reasoning

EESC-BC1001 Environmental Science I, and its lab EESC-BC1011 Environmental Science Lab

FREN-BC1001 Elementary French I

PSYC-BC1001 Introduction to Psychology section 01 and 03

all Barnard-taught sections of:
SPAN-UN1101 Elementary Spanish I
SPAN-UN1102 Elementary Spanish II
SPAN-UN2101 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN-UN2102 Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN-UN2108 Spanish for Heritage Speakers

If one of these is a course that you need or are excited about, feel free to plan it at this stage -- and to select FY Writing or FY Seminar courses that don't conflict with it -- and stay tuned for more info later in the summer about how to register for these classes during NSOP.  These classes will still be capped, so you are not guaranteed a spot, but there is room for many of you!