Monday, July 17, 2017

Even more info on FY Writing, FY Writing Workshop, and FY Seminar

If you're considering taking First-Year Writing or First-Year Writing Workshop this fall -- or if you're feeling uncertain about how prepared you are for college-level writing at Barnard -- this post is for you! 

ENGL-BC1204 First-Year Writing Workshop is a course designed for students who feel underprepared for the critical reading and writing that they will do at Barnard. Workshop meets three times a week as opposed to two and has slightly smaller classes. Students who are interested in one of the limited number of spaces in Workshop should inform the First-Year Class Dean by email ( if you have not already done so, but please be aware that placement cannot be guaranteed.

By the end of the day this Friday, July 21, you should experience one of three possible scenarios:

1.  You may receive an email informing you that you have been placed in FY Writing Workshop.  If you receive this email, you must register for one of the available sections of ENGL-BC1204 First-Year Writing Workshop (see  Only students who receive this placement email will be able to register for ENGL BC1204.  

Workshop Schedule-Planning Directions:  
If you are planning on or considering taking General Chemistry (CHEM-BC2001) this fall, please register for section 004 of Workshop to avoid scheduling conflicts.  
If you are not planning on taking General Chemistry (CHEM-BC2001) this fall, we ask that you not register for section 004 of Workshop if possible -- this will save space for those students who need this section due to scheduling conflicts with other sections.

2.  You may receive an email directing you to register for FY Writing in the fall (as opposed to FY Seminar).  If you receive this email, you must register for one of the available sections of any of the three FY Writing courses listed below.  You may also register for these if you have not received such an email and just want to take FY Writing in the fall for any reason.  FY Writing options are:

3.  You may not receive an email this week about FY Writing placement.
If you don't receive a FY Writing placement email but think you should have, you may contact  Otherwise, you are free to register for any available section of FY Writing listed in #2 above or any available FY Seminar (see 

If you're feeling uncertain about your preparation for college-level writing at Barnard and weren't placed in Workshop, we encourage you to register for FY Writing this fall.

Don't hesitate to email!