Monday, July 24, 2017

Green is GOOD in Student Planning; GREEN = successfully registered

Several of you have asked how to tell if you have successfully registered:

For First-Year Experience (FY Writing, FY Seminar, Barnard-taught PE) Courses:

If a class appears on your schedule or List of Courses in GREEN, then you have successfully registered for it.

This is true even if it says "This section is full."  Do NOT drop a green section due to concerns about it being full. If the course is GREEN, then you are among the students that is making this class full.  

If a First-Year Experience course that you have attempted to add appears on your schedule or list of courses in YELLOW with a red border on your schedule AND says it is full on your list of courses:

Then this class is full and cannot be added at this time. Barnard First-Year Experience Courses do not have waiting lists. If your preferred class is full, you should add another section or a different course instead, but you may check back later to see if space becomes available. 

For all other, non-FY-Experience Courses:

Remember: only FYE courses will be fully registered this week.  All other courses will remain in the "planned" stage on your record until the Sept. 1-2 registration period for entering first-year students.  

Note: the info directly under the course number shows your personal status in the class.  The info under "Meeting Information" is about the class as a whole.  In the example pictured at left: you are planned, and the class has a waitlist.  See recent blog post for classes that look full but are saving spaces for FY students.