Sunday, July 23, 2017

Reminder: Preregister for FY Experience courses starting MONDAY, 7/24/17

Friendly reminder that preregistration for entering first-year students is this week, July 24-28, 2017.  Don't forget to log into Student Planning via myBarnard at your scheduled registration time to register for First-Year Experience courses (FY Writing or FY Seminar, and PE if possible).  
Recall that, while you can't register for any other classes at this time, you can -- and should -- plan them, so you can register for FY Experience courses that don't conflict with your other priorities or commitments.
Scroll back through the FY Guide for more info on course selection, planning, logistics, etc. There is a lot in here, so some key links:

Registration Videos!! (and written guide)

The Student Side: Questions about Registration

Even more info on FY Writing, FY Writing Workshop, and FY Seminar

If you don't have your copy of the Academic Guide to Your First Year at Barnard College 2017-2018, you can also find a pdf here:

If you have more questions, some options:
  • Email, and one of our summer student assistants or the first-year dean will get back to you.
  • Call the Dean of Studies office at 212-854-2024 during business hours (9-5, Monday-Friday), say you're an entering student with some questions, and you'll be able to talk with one of us.
  • Make an appointment to meet with me via the "Meet the Deans" website (link below my signature or here:
If you encounter technical difficulties while trying to register this week, please CALL us: 212-854-2024 (faster than emailing!).

Finally, try not to worry!  While your First-Year Writing, Workshop, or Seminar selection should be relatively fixed by the end of next week, you have plenty of time to continue to think about the rest -- and you can even change FYW/FYS if space is available during future designated periods in summer; it only becomes unchangeable once classes begin on Sept. 5.  Basically, think of this preregistration period as the time to make a really good first draft of your schedule, and then think of the upcoming add/drop periods as opportunities to edit this schedule and make it even better for you.