Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Student Side: Preregistration Recap

We did it! We’re halfway through preregistration!

This gif is in honor of Rowan because they're at Harry Potter Camp this week. We miss you, Rowan!

“Halfway through preregistration? But didn’t we all register for FYW/FYS and (maybe) P.E. on Monday?” you may ask.

Preregistration actually continues on until this Friday, July 28th. That’s why you continue to see that you have appointment times every day this week in Student Planning. Every day until the end of the day on the 24th, preregistration will be open from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM EDT. During these windows, you can continue to add and drop different FYW, FYS, and P.E. courses if space is available. You should make your final decisions about FYW and FYS before the end of the day on Friday, and you should only be registered for ONE FYW or FYS by the end of the day Friday (preferably earlier).

“Okay, cool. So I can continue to register for FYW, FYS, and P.E. the rest of this week. When can I register for my other courses like Biology 1500, Intro to Economic Reasoning, and Art History I?”

You’ll be able to register for all other courses on September 1st and 2nd, after you meet with an adviser during NSOP. Until September 1st, those courses are just planned in your schedule. You are not registered or waitlisted for those courses until then.

“Wait, what do you mean I’m not waitlisted for those courses? In my schedule on Student Planning, those courses are yellow and they say “This section has a waitlist”. What does this mean?”

This is a PLANNED Course.
If you’re seeing something like this on the left-hand side of your schedule for a course, the course is planned in your schedule. You are not registered or waitlisted for it. Student Planning can be a little confusing because waitlisted and planned courses both show up as yellow. This yellow course represents a planned course in your schedule. Do you notice how it says “Planned” under the course title?

This is a waitlisted course.
Do you notice how it says “Waitlisted” under the course title and has a blue button that says “Drop Waitlist”? This is what a course you are on the waitlist for will look like in Student Planning. You cannot add yourself to a waitlist until registration on September 1st.

“Got it. What about a course that is green that says “This section is full”? Am I registered for that course? Or do I have to drop it?”

Green is good! Let me repeat that, green is good, it means you are registered and enrolled in the course. 

If a course on your schedule looks like this, you are registered for the course. The little alert that says “This section is full” just means that no one else can register for the course. If your FYW or FYS looks like this, you do not have to drop the course.

“Phew, good, I was worried about that. Speaking of full sections, what’s going on with P.E. classes for this fall semester at Barnard? Can I drop P.E. after preregistration?”

As of right now, it looks like all the Barnard P.E. classes are full this semester. So there are a few options you can do about P.E.:

1. Check Student Planning to see if anyone has dropped P.E. courses during this week and if space has opened up in a class.

2. On the first day of P.E. classes, go and add yourself to the physical waitlist for the class. P.E. does not do an online waitlist, only an in-person one. You can sign up for a waitlist, but there is no guarantee that you’ll be added to the class.

3. Take a dance class this fall for your P.E. credit

4. Take P.E. in the spring semester

5. If you really want to, you can try and register for a Columbia P.E. course. To do this, you’ll have to go in person to the Columbia P.E. Department and request special permission to enroll in a Columbia P.E. course. Columbia will fill the courses with Columbia students first and will allow Barnard students to enroll if there’s space left in the class.

You can drop P.E. courses after preregistration. FYW and FYS are the only courses you can’t drop after preregistration.

“I’m a little confused about credits for P.E. and dance courses. Some say they can be taken for 0-1 credit and some are just 0 credits. What’s up with that?

When you add a P.E. course to your schedule, it will usually ask you if you’re taking the course for 0 or 1 credit. If you’re taking the course to fulfill your P.E. requirement (aka all of you right now), pick 1 credit.

Some dance courses, especially higher level courses, are automatically set to be taken for 0 credits. If you’re taking dance to fulfill the P.E. requirement, the Office of the Registrar should automatically change the dance course to count for one credit after the Sept. 15th registration deadline. If for whatever reason it doesn’t change to one credit after the deadline, you can stop by the Office of the Registrar and fill out a quick form to get the credit.