Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Resource: Banard Computer Science Help Room

The wait is over!
The Barnard Computer Science Help Room is now open!

Milbank 333B
Tuesdays 1-2 & 3-5
Thursdays 4:30-6:30
*will be adding more hours in the following weeks*

Join the Barnard Computer Science Help Room Facebook Group to keep up with all the updates you need.

Resource: Math Help Room

Got questions about math?  Math Help Rooms have answers!

For help with: College Algebra – Analytic Geometry, Calculus I, II and III courses

Milbank 333
Monday through Thursday:  10 a.m. - 10 p.m. (staffed by Barnard undergrads 6-10 p.m.)
Friday:  10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

For help with:   Calculus IV and Higher Math courses
406 Mathematics Building (at Columbia)
Monday through Thursday: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Friday: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Warning/Reminder: email scams, spam, "phishing," and viruses

Please do NOT click the link if you've received an email that looks like this:

Some tips to avoid accidentally opening and sharing malicious or fraudulent emails:

Not expecting an attachment? Don't open it -- ask first! Curiosity is understandable but risky.

Already opened it?  Contact Student Computing ASAP for advice and assistance.

Got something that seems too good to be true (job offer, free money, etc.)?  It probably is.

Someone asking you something that seems weird (password, bank account, social security number)?  Be wary of phishing emails that ask you for personal information. Remember that neither Barnard nor Columbia (nor, for that matter, any reputable business or organization) will ever ask you to provide your login, password or Social Security Number in an email. DO NOT REPLY to any mail that does ask for such personal information. If you have questions about any email that you receive which asks for such information, please email Student Computing.

What to do if you missed the Registration/Adviser Approval Deadline (was Friday, 9/15/17)

What to do in some common scenarios:

1.  If you have fully registered (green) for all fall 2017 classes but have not secured your adviser's approval of your final course selections, contact your adviser ASAP to schedule a meeting to discuss your schedule.  Your adviser will be able to click "Review Complete" to approve your schedule during the meeting.  Late fees may apply

2.  If you have not registered for a class or classes that you are taking this semester, you may need to petition for a "late add," and late fees may apply.  Visit your class dean ASAP to discuss.

3.  If you need to drop a class, don't worry!  It's not too late at all!  The deadline to drop a class and have it fully removed from your record is October 10.

Just don't forget that, in order to drop a class by this deadline, you will need to get an actual paper form from the Registrar, obtain your adviser's signature, and return the form to the Registrar, all before 4:30 p.m. on Oct. 10. 

It's also never too late to add First-Year Deadlines to your gBear Calendar and set up reminders so you never miss another deadline!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

DEADLINE REMINDER: Registration & adviser approval needed by 9:45 p.m. THIS FRIDAY, 9/15/17

By 9:45 p.m. this Friday, September 15:

1.  Your Fall 2017 Course Plan in myBarnard/Student Planning must show, in green (i.e. fully registered)all courses that you are taking this semester, including any PE, Dance technique, Varsity sport, or rehearsal/performance course for which you will earn credit this semester. 

2.  Your adviser must approve your course schedule by clicking "Review Complete" in myBarnard/Student Planning.  Ideally, they will do this during an advising meeting with you.  If there are extenuating circumstances making it impossible for you and your adviser to meet until next week, your adviser may click Review Complete upon confirming an appointment day/time with you for next week.  Need advice/approval and can't reach your adviser?  Visit us in the Dean of Studies office!

Don't forget to drop any classes or waitlists that you no longer need.

If you are unable to add a course that you know that you're in, or if you are unable to drop a course or leave a waitlist for something you're not taking, please visit or contact the Registrar's office (107 Milbank, registrar@barnard.edu).

Remember that a credit for a P.E. course, Dance technique course, or Varsity sport will appear after the registration deadline (if the course is eligible for credit for the P.E. requirement). During the third week of courses, the credit for the class will change from 0 to 1, and your total credits will adjust accordingly as well.

Friday, September 15 is the last day you may officially add a course to your schedule. If you need to add a course to your schedule after that date, you will need to petition the Committee on Programs and Academic Standing for permission to do so (contact your class dean if you need info about this), and a late fee may be charged.

You may still drop courses until the Drop Deadline, which is October 10, but you will need an actual paper form to do so.  To drop a course after September 15th, you will need to pick up a drop form from the registrar's office, meet with your adviser for his/her signature, and return the signed form to the registrar's office no later that 4:30 p.m. on October 10.

**Note about Courseworks/Canvas**
Until the registration deadline, your CourseworksCanvas page may not look exactly like your myBarnard/Student Planning page because it takes some time for an added class on myBarnard to appear on Courseworks, and it takes some extra time for a dropped class to disappear. Courseworks will catch up eventually. The most important thing is to make sure that your enrollments are accurate on your myBarnard/Student Planning Fall 2017 page.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Barnard Bearings

Our friends in Student Life want to help you get your bearings (Get it? BEARings...)as you navigate the first-year transition.  See below for an invitation to some great upcoming programs!

Join for Barnard Bearings events throughout the first half of the semester. Barnard Bearings is a new initiative focusing on the college transition and acclimation process for first-year students. Come learn about time saving habits and techniques, meet new people, become a budgeting bear, and help ensure you have the best transition possible! We will have giveaways at all events!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Learn more about Study Abroad at these info sessions!

Barnard Study Abroad Information Sessions for Fall 2017
Tuesday, September 12, 409 Barnard Hall, 7-8 pm
Friday September 15, 214 Milbank, 12 -1 pm
Friday, September 22, 227 Milbank (to be confirmed), 1-2 pm
Wednesday September 27, 409 Barnard Hall (to be confirmed), 7-8 pm
Friday, October 6, 227 Milbank (to be confirmed), 12-1 pm
Thursday, October 19, 227 Milbank (to be confirmed), 4-5 pm
Friday, October 27, 227 Milbank (to be confirmed), 12-1 pm
Thursday, November 9, 227 Milbank (to be confirmed), 3-4 pm

Junior Year at Oxford Information Session
Friday September 15, 307 Milbank, 2-3 pm

Columbia University’s Study Abroad Programs Information Session
Academic Year, Semester, Summer
Friday, September 22, 307 Milbank, 2-3 pm

Annual Study Abroad Fair
Wednesday, October 412 – 3 pm
Roone Arledge Auditorium, Lerner Hall, Columbia University

Sponsored by Columbia’s Office of Global Programs and Barnard’s Office of International and Intercultural Student Programs 

Learn about the wide variety of study abroad and fellowship opportunities available to you! Meet with returnee study abroad students AND program representatives to learn about academic year, semester and summer abroad! 

For room confirmations and a complete listing of Barnard study abroad events please go to the Study Abroad calendar on our website  https://www.barnard.edu/global/study-abroad/calendar.

(UPDATED meeting time) Convocation! TUESDAY, Sept. 12, Riverside Church -- meet at 4 p.m.!

If you got a green shirt at the Back@Barnard Block Party (or if not, swing by Student Life to get one!), now's your chance to wear it and celebrate the start of the academic year with style and enthusiasm.

What's Convocation?
The ceremonial beginning of a new academic year.  At Barnard, you'll assemble with your class, see a parade of alumnae, hear from college dignitaries, and a listen to a keynote address from distinguished alumna Carol Dweck '67.

What if I have class?
Some Barnard classes may be canceled -- check with your professor if you haven't heard.  Columbia classes will not be canceled.  We don't want you to celebrate the start of the school year by missing school!  We'll be sad if you can't make it, but you can plan to come the next three years.

Okay, I'm in!  Where do I go and what do I do?
Wear your green shirt Tuesday!  Assemble at the 490 Riverside Drive entrance to Riverside Church at 4pm.  Look for Dean Grabiner in a blue Columbia gown with comically long sleeves.  We'll all be marching in together:

Friday, September 8, 2017

Barnard Computer Science Help Room Hours MONDAY 9/11/17

A message from our friends in the Barnard Computer Science Help Room

The Barnard Computer Science Help Room in Milbank 333B will have hours *this* Monday (9/11):

These hours are encouraged for any first-years/sophomores who have questions about intro CS classes and the CS major, in addition to any homework questions!

After registration closes (9/15), we will have set hours, which will be posted in the Facebook group.

Resource: Physics Workshop Room

Taking Physics?  Got questions?  Want to talk with some friendly upperclass Barnard Physics majors who want to help you make sense of it all?

Look no further than the Physics Workshop Room!

Mondays and Wednesdays
7-9 p.m.
Altschul 514

Announcement: Pre-Health Overview Session Dates

Image result for mark calendar gif

Mark your calendars!

Upcoming Pre-Health Overview Session dates:

Monday September 11th 3pm-4pm

Monday, September 18th 12:30-2pm

Thursday, September 28th 10:30-11:30 am

To sign up, please Create an AdviseStream account and RSVP via your AdviseStream calendar

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Reminder: registration/adviser approval deadline = Sept 15

On the first day of classes each semester, everyone’s schedule in myBarnrd/Student Planning was flagged for adviser review. Plan to meet with your adviser during the first two weeks of the semester (variously known as add/drop, final registration, and “shopping period”), before the final registration deadline: Sept 15. This deadline is listed in the Barnard Academic Calendar and in the Barnard First-Year Deadlines gBear calendar for your reference for this and future semesters. Once you and your adviser are satisfied with your current-semester course schedule, your adviser will review and approve your finalized course selections. To see if your adviser has reviewed your schedule, go to the home screen of Student Planning and click the Advising tab.

Under the advising tab, you’ll be able to see the last time your adviser reviewed your schedule. Your adviser will approve your schedule sometime during the shopping period, ordinarily during your advising meeting.

If you make changes to your schedule after your adviser has reviewed and approved it, you’ll need to request another review from your adviser. To do this, click “Request Review” under the advising tab on Student Planning.

This will send an alert to your adviser and let them know that a further review of your schedule is necessary.

All schedules should be reviewed and approved by the end of shopping/final registration/add/drop period, which again is September 15.

What to do if you missed the Enrollment Confirmation Deadline (which was Wed 9/17/17, 11:30 p.m.)

Yesterday was the deadline to complete Enrollment Confirmation*.  If you missed this deadline, you can (and must!) still confirm your enrollment, but you must do it in person at the Registrar's office in 107 Milbank, between 9:30am and 4:30pm weekdays.  

If you have a hold that is preventing you from completing Enrollment Confirmation, first visit the office the hold comes from and address whatever the issue is to have the hold removed, and then go to the Registrar.

Please note that Late Enrollment Confirmation subjects you to a late fee that increases over time, as follows:
  • Sept 7: $10
  • Sept 8: $20
  • Sept 11 - 15: $25
  • Sept 18 - 22: $50
  • Sept 25 - 29: $75
  • Oct 2 - 6: $100
Don't want to miss any more deadlines?  Add First-Year Deadlines to your gBear Calendar today!

*Note that Enrollment Confirmation is completely separate from registration and registration approval -- enrollment confirmation confirms you are enrolled in the College.  Registration/Adviser Approval confirms your registration for classes.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Physical Education -- registration deadline, credits, Varsity Athletics, and more!

Several of you have been asking questions about PE registration. Here is some news you can use:

Can I still get into a Barnard PE class? If so, how?????Maybe!  There is still a little room a few Barnard PE classes.  Check the Directory of Classes first thing in the morning for the most accurate registration numbers.  You can also try attending a PE class next week, even if it seems full online -- every semester, students get into PE classes this way.  Since PE classes don't start till next week, you can add something this week without worrying that you already have absences.  Regardless of whether you are registered or hoping to get in, be sure to attend the PE classes in person beginning Monday, Sept 11 to confirm your registration.

How many credits are PE and Dance classes? If you are a first-year student registering for PE or Dance to fulfill your PE requirement, your PE or Dance class will be worth 1 credit.  Do not be alarmed that it is currently showing up as 0 credits on Student Planning -- the registrar will update all of these by the third week of classes.

When do PE & Dance classes start?
  • Dance classes start during the first week of classes.  You must attend the first two meetings of a dance class to confirm your enrollment.  
  • PE classes start during the second week of classes.  Be sure to attend the first meeting of any PE class you hope to take, whether you are registered or waitlisted -- don't rack up unnecessary absences!
If you missed a dance class this week because you were confused about when it started, please contact your instructor ASAP to see if you are still able to take the class.

What if I'm playing a Varsity Sport? What does that count for, and how can I get credit?Satisfactory participation on a Varsity athletic team during the fall or spring semester will fulfill the one-semester Physical Education requirement and will earn you 1 credit. If your place on a Varsity athletic team has been confirmed, then you should add the course connected to your Varsity team to your fall schedule on Student Planning.  Search the Catalog there for PHED-UN1005 INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS, and pick the sport you're playing from among the available sections.

UPDATE: Back@Barnard: Meet the Pre-Health Dean THURSDAY

Back@Barnard: Meet Dean Cohen, the Pre-Health Dean will now be held on
Thurs Sept 7th
Diana Entry Lobby.

How to View Your Position on a Waiting List

To view your position on a waitlist for a course, you’ll need to log into SSOL (Student Services Online) using your Columbia UNI and password.

Once you log into SSOL, click on the “Registration” link on the home screen under the Academic Records section of the Your Data tab.

From there, click the “Continue with Fall 2017 Registration” button on the following screen.

You will be taken to a screen with both classes you are currently registered for and classes you are on the waitlist for. On SSOL, classes under the “Fall 2017 classes” refer to classes you are registered for and classes under the “Fall 2017 Wish List” refer to classes you’re on the waitlist for.

When you’re on the waitlist for a class, SSOL will tell you either your position on the waitlist or it will say “Pending Approval”.

If a class gives you your position on the waitlist, this indicates that the waitlist is automatic. This means that the waitlist for the class is managed by the online registration services. If a person drops the class, the student who is in position 1 on the waitlist will automatically be added to the class.

If a course says “Pending Approval” under the waitlist, this means that the professor for the course is self-managing the waiting list. Rather than students automatically getting into the class from the waitlist, the professor is individually reviewing students for admittance to the class.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

FY Dean Walk-In Hours First Week of Classes

As a reminder, you can always make an appointment with the First-Year Class Dean (or any dean!) and see the week's walk-in hours via https://barnard.edu/dos/about/meet.  

Because this is the first week of classes and many of you have quick but time-sensitive questions, Dean Grabiner is holding walk-in hours every day, as follows:

9/5: 12:00pm-1:00pm
9/6: 10:00am-11:00am
9/7: 12:30-1:30pm
9/8: 4:00-5:00pm

First Day of Classes -- go to everything; even if you're still waitlisted

Happy first day of school!  We hope that many of you will have gotten in off of waiting lists over the weekend and may be feeling a little more settled.  Today and this week, we continue to advise that you attend all classes for which you are registered, and all classes you're waitlisted for or hope to join.

Your FY Writing & FY Seminar registration is now fixed and cannot be changed online.  If you believe you need to change this class due to extremely extenuating academic circumstances, you must meet with Dean Grabiner in person ASAP to determine if such a change is warranted or possible.  If you can change to

DEADLINE: Enrollment Confirmation online by 11:30 p.m. Wed 9/6/17

Reminder: Follow these simple steps to complete the required Enrollment Confirmation this semester and every semester!  This is separate from and unrelated to class registration but is also required.

Log into myBarnard on a computer connected to the Barnard network. 

Click on the ACADEMICS tab. On the righthand side, “Enrollment Confirmation” link, and follow the instructions there. 

Don’t miss this deadline:  Wed., Sept. 6, 11:30PM! 

Pro Tip: Don't wait -- do this during business hours in case you have a problem or question.

If you miss the deadline, go to the Registrar's Office at 107 Milbank ASAP. If it's past the deadline, you have to confirm in person at the registrar’s office, and you will be charged a late fee that increases the longer you wait.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Space available in Reactong to the Past, section 04

Do you need to switch you FYW or FYS?  Space is available in Reacting to the Past, section 04. You can add it up to 9:30 pm today, Saturday. If you want to add it during the first week of classes, make an appointment to meet with Dean Grabiner ASAP so you can switch before missing class meetings.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Good news! More space available in PHIL BC1001

Want to learn about philosophy this fall?  You may be in luck! 

PHIL BC1001, section 02 Introduction to Philosophy with Professor Karen Lewis has been increased in size from 40 to 60! 

Friday, September 1, 2017

UPDATED Waitlist advice as of 9/2/17

Many of your professors have been working hard all day to manage waitlists for many classes, so many of you will be getting into currently waitlisted classes soon.  However, these changes won't be reflected on myBarnard/Student Planning until tomorrow morning.

So, rather than sitting in front of your computer all afternoon continually checking Student Planning:

Log off, have dinner, go to an outdoor movie, a glow party, a concert, a Community Unscripted event, and try not to stress.

You can log into myBarnard/Student Planning again tomorrow morning to see what's new.  If you're now in off of some waitlists (green is good!), you can add yourself to any other waitlists you didn't have space for before.

UPDATE: Due to a computer glitch that BCIT/Registrar know about and are working on, you may be in off a waitlist but the class may NOT yet be showing up in green on your schedule. If you received an email from the "University Registrar" telling you you are in off a waitlist, your myBarnard/Student Planning schedule should catch up and turn green in the next day or two. In the meantime, do NOT drop any waitlisted classes you're hoping to joking, but you should be able able to add yourself to additional waitlists.

Registration will be open 9:30 am - 9:30 p.m. on Saturday.  It will then be closed on Sunday and Monday, so use those days to sleep late, go on a neighborhood tour, go to the Cloisters, call friends or family, relax, take a breath...

Starting on Tuesday, plan to attend all classes for which you are registered or waitlisted (and any you want to take but couldn't waitlist for because of the 3-waitlist limit).  If you're waitlisted, instructors may make announcements about what to do and how likely it is for students to get in.  If they don't, you can ask them about your chances at the end of class.

Running around to all kinds of classes you may or may not be taking, doing homework, getting lost, finding a good lunch spot, etc. may be somewhat exhausting and stressful.

Remind yourself that this is temporary!  Your schedule should begin to settle down late next week.

And be sure to meet with your adviser again no later than Sept. 15