Friday, April 21, 2017

Registrar & BCIT hard at work addressing waitlist issues

We are aware that some students are experiencing problems with their placement on waiting lists for individual courses.

The Barnard Registrar's Office and BCIT are working to address this as swiftly as possible.  Because of the number of individuals, departments, and computer programs involved in Columbia/Barnard registration, this system is quite complex.

Thank you for your patience while everyone works on this.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Green is GOOD -- be registered (green) for at least 12 credits by 9:45 p.m. Friday, 4/21/17

ReminderIt is very important (required!) that you be successfully registered for at least 12 credits by 9:45 p.m. on Friday, April 21.  (Though, as a reminder, we recommend an average of 15 credits)

Unlike over the summer when your preregistration was not confirmed, you are actually registering for classes during this registration week:  unless the course you're registering for has a special note indicating that you need to apply, audition, or show up on the first day to secure or confirm your enrollment for a class:

If a class appears on your schedule or List of Courses in GREEN, then you have successfully registered for it.  

This is true even if it says "This section is full."  If the course is GREEN, then you are among the students that is making this class full

This is true even if it says "This section has a waitlist." If the course is GREEN, you have registered, and other students are on the waitlist.

If a course that you have already attempted to add appears on your schedule or list of courses in YELLOW:

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Reminder: you can only join THREE waitlists

Due to a glitch in Student Planning, it may appear that you are able to waitlist for many, many classes.  In fact, the Columbia system permits students to join no more than three waitlists.

If you are trying to waitlist for more than 3 classes, please remove yourself from all but the three you are most interested in.

Opportunity: First Year Class Council's Sophomore Panel WEDNESDAY 7 PM

An invitation from your First-Year Class Council:

Join the FYCC and a panel of successful sophomores to hear tips, anecdotes, and words of wisdom as we finish our first year at college! 

Snacks will be served, including #chocowithPrezRo (aka brownies baked by our very own President Rose Reiken!) and Larabars!

Opportunity: "Write Where You Are: Writing Fellows in the Quad" THURSDAY 6-8 p.m.

Looking for support on your final writing assignments of the semester?

Please join Barnard Writing Fellows and ResLife for "Write Where You Are: Writing Fellows in the Quad" in Brooks Lounge this Thursday, 4/20, from 6-8pm!

Fellows will be available for 20-minute conference slots to work with you on any writing projects you have for the end of the semester at any stage of the writing process!

Drop ins are welcome! However, you can also reserve a slot via the link below to receive a free Dig Inn dinner (!!!): 

Hope to see you there! Feel free to reach out to Isa Jackson ( if you have any questions.

Opportunity: First Gen Week April 24-May 3

An Invitation from Dean Tollinchi:

Dear Barnard College Students,

Please join me in celebrating First Gen Week April 24-May 3rd.  We are offering a series of skill enhancing labs and student socials!!!!

Please visit the blog for more information!!!

Please visit the Academic Enrichment and Community Initiatives Blog for upcoming events:

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!!!!

Dean Tollinchi
Associate Dean
Academic Enrichment and Community Initiatives

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Opportunity: Barnard Psychology Profs Discuss Careers in Psychology THURSDAY

Careers in Psychology
Research?  Academia?  Clinical?

Come and hear about the numerous careers in Psychology

 E'mett McCaskill, Ph.D
Hannah Hoch, Ph.D
 Sumati Gupta, Ph.D

Discuss their pathways within Psychology

 Thursday, April 20, 207

203 Diana

5:30 pm

Dinner will be served

Struggle and/in Joy: My Life (in Academia and Art) - Barnard College Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship 2017 Annual Distinguished Lecture

Please join us for the
Barnard Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship
Annual Distinguished Lecture

Thursday, 20 April 2017 from 6:00 - 8:00 PM in the Ella Weed Room, Milbank Hall, 2nd floor

Featuring Professor Rosamond S. King

Rosamond S. King is a critical and creative writer and artist whose scholarly work focuses on sexuality, performance, and literature in the Caribbean and Africa. Her book Island Bodies: Transgressive Sexualities in the Caribbean Imagination received the 2015 Caribbean Studies Association best book award.

King’s poetry collection Rock | Salt | Stone was recently published by Nightboat Books. Her performance art builds on over 20 years of training in Afro-Caribbean dance, circus arts, butoh, and ballet, and has been curated around the world, in the African Performance Art Biennale (Zimbabwe), the Encuentro Festival (Canada), and Rich Mix (London), as well as at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Poets House, Dixon Place, and Movement Research here in New York City.

King is the creative editor of sx salon, on the Board of Directors of the Organization of Women Writers of Africa, and is an Associate Professor of English at Brooklyn College. She earned her BA in Literature and Linguistics from Cornell University, where she was a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow, and her MA and PhD in Comparative Literature from New York University. 

Her Mellon talk is entitled “Struggle and/in Joy: My Life (in Academia and Art)” and will include a lecture and performance. A reception with light refreshments will follow. 

Opportunity: Barnard Psychology Dept Spring Research Festival WEDNESDAY 4-6 p.m.

An invitation from the Psychology Department:

Dear Students:

Please join fellow classmates and the faculty of the Department of Psychology for the third annual Spring Research Festival on Wednesday, April 19, at 4pm in the James Room in Barnard Hall.

Hope to see you there!

Clarification: Lab REQUIRED for EESC BC1001 Intro to Environmental Science

Several of you have asked about this, so FYI, the Environmental Science Department confirms:

Students who register for EESC BC1001 Introduction to Environmental Science I must also register for EESC BC1011 Environmental Science Lab

Thank you to those who reported conflicting information on different websites.  It should now be correct in both the Directory of Classes and Student Planning.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Opportunity: Fall 2017Athena Digital Design Agency courses

Athena Digital Design Agency will be offering the following courses in Fall 2017:

HTML/CSS Course: 
This class is perfect for students who would like to learn the basics of web development! Students will successfully complete several websites by the completion of this course. NO CODING EXPERIENCE or computer science background will be required for participation and applications will be open to only Barnard students. 

Introduction to Design for Web Developers Course:
This class is for students to learn the fundamental methods and software of web design and integrate best principles for design into code to build a website. Over the course of the semester you will learn how to use an illustration program such as Adobe InDesign, basic compositional principles, intro to user experience skills, and typography. This class is for students who have already taken the ADDA HTML/CSS course, or have equivalent coding experience. JavaScript, Python, or other functional programming languages are not required, and will not be taught.

Key Dates:
Release of application: 4/17/2017
Early-bird deadline: 4/24/2017 (first 10 applicants will receive guaranteed admission) 

Regular deadline: 5/21/2017 

Friday, April 14, 2017

Fall Preregistration Week Apr. 17-21: Register during your assigned time, beginning on WEDNESDAY for first-year students

As a reminder, you need to meet with your adviser sometime before your first assigned registration time next week.  You are already able to plan courses, but you will not be able to register unless/until your adviser approves you for registration, and this can only happen once you have had an advising meeting.

Haven't met with your adviser yet?  Contact him/her ASAP to set up an appointment.

To register for fall 2017 courses: 

  • Be sure you have met with your adviser, and that he/she has approved you to register.
  • Be sure you have planned (yellow) your preferred Fall 2017 courses in Student Planning so they'll be ready to go when your registration time begins.  Make sure you're following special registration procedures for any courses that have them.  
  • Log into Student Planning via myBarnard as soon as your first registration time begins on Wednesday, April 19th, and no later than the end of your last registration time on Friday, Apr. 21, and click the blue "REGISTER" button on the upper right.  
  • Just like November's preregistration period, this is actual registration (it is just called "preregistration" because it happens in advance). Unless a course has note informing you of special registration procedures (application, writing sample, audition, must attend first class to confirm, etc.), you will be actually registered for any course that shows up in green on your schedule.
  • If you aren't able to add a class, add yourself to the waiting list and/or select a "plan B" option.
  • NOTEYou must be fully registered/green for at least 12 credits (we recommend an average of 15 credits) by the end of this week, or you will be charged late fees 
    • You are ultimately responsible for making sure you are registered for an appropriate number of courses that are appropriate for you -- when in doubt, consult your adviser! 
    • There will be additional add/drop times in the coming weeks and months, along with a final "shopping" period at the beginning of the fall semester, when you will again consult with your adviser before finalizing your schedule.
Questions?  Meet with your adviser or a dean.  

Thursday, April 13, 2017

REPOST: Need an extra credit or two? Here are some ways you might find one.

Reminder: we recommend that you enroll in an average of 15 credits each semester

  1. To be on track for on-time graduation having completed 122 credits in 8 semesters (15.25 x 8 = 122).
  2. To keep some flexibility in case something goes badly awry during the semester.  All students must complete a minimum of 12 credits every semester, so if you're in 15 credits, you can drop something if you have to without falling below the minimum.


If you're having trouble getting up to 15 and are looking for a 1-2-credit course to add during the next add/drop window or later, here are some options and tips.  Know of something that's not on here?  Email, and we'll add it!

1-2 credit course options:

1.  Fulfill your PE requirement if you haven't yet -- register online and be sure to attend the first class meeting (if the class is full, you may still get in off an in-person waitlist if you attend the first class).  You may earn one additional PE credit beyond the requirement if there is room in a PE class and you want to take a second one.  PE courses will initially appear in your myBarnard program as 0 credits and will then be transformed to 1 credit (if you are eligible) after the final registration deadline.  

2.  Take a dance class
Dance classes will will initially appear in your myBarnard program as 0 credits and will then be transformed to 1 credit (if you are eligible) after the final program filing deadline.  

3.  Depending on your background and interests, below are some popular ways to enrich your academic experience while also adding a credit or two.  Some may be full, but you may be able to join a waiting list.  Be sure to check course descriptions for prerequisites or special registration procedures!
Additional Options not yet listed for Fall 2017 -- check back later but FYI for now:
  • Programming Languages -- See Spring 2017 Computer Science course listings for an idea of what to expect
  • One of the "short courses" offered by the School for International & Public Affairs (SIPA).  Search here or here for 1-1.5-credit courses, and contact Dean Runsdorf for more info if you think one appropriately fits into both your schedule and a liberal arts curriculum.  

4.  Search the Barnard catalogue by number of credits -- try searching for courses between 0 and 2 credits.  You'll have to scroll through a lot of things that may not help you, like labs for courses you're not taking, or supervised senior research if you're a first-year, but this will give you the most comprehensive listing -- make sure anything you're interested in is offered in the current semester:

5. You can also search the Columbia directory for current-semester courses that contain the keyword "Points: 1" or "Points: 2" (single space between the colon and the number; same caveats as above, plus be sure the course you're looking for is appropriate for undergrads and allows Barnard students):

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Repost: Keeping track of Foundations requirements

As you select your fall courses, don't forget to keep track of what you're taking, have taken, and can take to fulfill Foundations General Education Requirements (GERs).

Some links to help you:

Review the blog post from the summer about how to search the Student Planning Course Catalog by Foundations requirement:

Check the Registrar's website for current courses satisfying Foundations GERs:

Click on "View my Progress" in Student Planning to see which of your courses fulfill which requirements.  Once classes begin, currently registered courses will show up as "in progress":
FAQ:  What can I double-count?
A single course can double-count between two different categories (e.g. a Mode of Thinking and a Distributional Requirement, a Distributional Requirement and a Major Requirement, etc.), but not for two requirements within the same category (i.e. it can't be two modes of thinking, two distributional requirements, etc).  In other words, from the chart above (or on the inside front cover of the FY Guide), you can double-count courses for two different colors, not the same color.  

Friday, April 7, 2017

Opportunity: Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America Career Institute

LEDA is launching a new career initiative called the LEDA Career Institute. The LEDA Career Institute will provide career exploration, professional development, and support for students pursuing internships and the job search.  

Program Details:
Dates: The second week of August (exact dates are to be determined)
Location: Brown University
Note: Transportation and room & board are fully covered

Eligibility Guidelines:
  • High achieving low-income and/or first generation
  • Enrolled in a four-year college or university
  • Sophomore standing as of Fall 2017
  • Demonstrated leadership on campus or in their community

Program Components:
  • Develop meaningful relationships with a variety of employers at top companies
  • Explore a wide range of career fields and opportunities
  • Gain valuable professional and leadership skills needed to launch your career
  • Develop the foundation for a robust professional network
  • Serve as an entry point into the LEDA Career Network which will provide access to jobs, career resources, and  connections

Below is the Interest Form link for students to fill out if they would like to be apart of the program. Please note that the interest form needs to be completed by May 1st for best consideration.

Contact Vynessa Ortiz

Wisdom Needed: Share your advice with the Class of 2021

Do you remember that the Guide to Your First Year at Barnard College offered helpful tips from the previous class?

Please help next year’s incoming class by offering them the same kind of insider information. What's one piece of advice that helped you acclimate to Barnard’s academic, residential. or social world? What's something you wish you had known?

Submit a tip today via this handy Google Form (requires myBarnard/gBear login):

Many of your tips will be selected for the new edition of the Guide.  By entering your full name and submitting the form, you indicate your permission to print your advice.

IMPORTANT: Special Registration Procedure for Barnard French Language Classes

If you are planning on taking a Barnard French class*, in addition to registering online, you must also fill out the very brief form at

This form is now open and will remain open until May 19th.

*Not sure if your French class is a Barnard class?  It is if the course number begins with FREN-BC....

Thursday, April 6, 2017

IMPORTANT: Special Admission Procedures for BIOL BC1500, Intro to Organismal & Evolutionary Biology

If you're planning on taking BIOL BC1500, Intro to Organismal & Evolutionary Biology or its lab, remember that this course has three parts, and you must register for all three:

BIOL BC1500 - Intro to Organismal & Evolutionary Biology Lecture (3 credits)
BIOL BC1501 - Lab (2 credits)
Biology BC1511 - Recitation (0 credits; sometimes called "lab lecture")

All students who attempt to add these courses will be initially waitlisted for lecture and lab. The department is manually managing these waiting lists in order to give priority to Barnard students who need or want these courses.

When you find you are waitlisted for Bio 1500 and lab, DON'T PANIC:

All students who sign up for these courses will be moved from the waiting list to the class according to a set of predetermined criteria.

Priority will be determined as follows:
  1. Students who started the series in the spring and who want to complete the series next fall 
  2. Barnard students who have taken a year of Chemistry as first-years and want to get started on Bio as sophomores 
  3. Entering Barnard first years who want to take 1500 during their first year 
  4. Anyone else
Note: Students will be moved from the Bio 1500 lab waiting list to the class after the last day of preregistration. To check your status, log into Student Planning via myBarnard on Monday, April 24 (the Monday after preregistration week) to check your status. If your Bio lecture, recitation, and lab are all green, you're all set! 

If you have any questions then (or before), you may be in touch with James Casey, Associate Lab Director.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

IMPORTANT: special registration instructions for Barnard General Chemistry

From the Barnard Chemistry Department:

Barnard General Chemistry BC2001x is one of the largest and most popular intro science courses at Barnard, and we are regularly filled to capacity. It is our goal to be able to accommodate every student who wishes to take the course, and we will do everything we can to facilitate your needs. However, the size of the course (over 150 students) and the physical limitations of the laboratory which is a required component requires a very strict policy on enrollment and limits our flexibility. BC2001x is a unified lecture and laboratory course - you must be enrolled in a lab and recitation section. 

If you want to register in BC2001/2011/2012, please carefully review the following procedures. If these are not followed exactly your request will not be approved.

Procedures for adding General Chemistry BC2001x to your program:

The first rule of getting into Genchem lab is DON'T PANIC. The online system will tell you that every section is full. Ignore this warning and put yourself on a wait list ASAP as follows:

1 Add the main lecture BC2001x (5 points) to your program. This course is open enrollment (up to the enrollment cap) and does not require approval.

2 Add the pre-lab recitation section of BC2011 (0 points) on the day you wish to have lab. When you do this and click "register" during your assigned registration appointment, you will be automatically added to the wait list. All students are placed on the wait list for lab and recitation sections initially. We will come along and add you to the course if there is space permitting and if you have properly signed up for the other two courses.

3 Add the laboratory section of BC2012 (0 points) on the same day you requested a recitation section. When you do this and click "register" during your assigned registration appointment, you will be automatically added to the wait list. All students are placed on the wait list for lab and recitation sections initially. We will come along and add you to the course if there is space permitting and if you have properly signed up for the other two courses.

4 There is a limit to how many limited-enrollment"L" courses you can be simultaneously on the wait list for - this is set by the system and cannot be altered. Do not sign up for multiple sections of lecture/lab as you only will be considered for placement for courses properly paired up. If you somehow make it to more than one wait list for lab or recitation, you will only be placed in the one which is matched.

5 Our attendance policy requires you to attend every week of lab, and we start the opening week of classes. Carefully review your Fall personal schedule before signing up for a lab section, as we only allow excused absences under very limited circumstances.

Please note: The first thing the system will check when promoting names off of the wait list is proper enrollment in both BC2011/BC2012. If you do not appear on both waiting lists (BC2011 and BC2012) on the same day, you will never be admitted to the course!

If you have any questions:
Please don't hesitate to ASK the laboratory director, Dr. J ( Please do NOT contact Prof. Rachel Austin (the primary instructor in the course) with questions about laboratory placement, as she will be unable to assist you.

See you in lab!
Dr. J


Q:  What if I want to change lab/recitation sections after successfully registering?

A:  Please be aware that all sections of lab are full to capacity. We sympathize with the fact that many of you will adjust your programs after pre-enrollment, but the size of this course and the fact that we start the first day of class severely limits our ability to accommodate section changes. Students attempting to add BC2001x will receive priority in lab sections over students attempting to change sections.

Q:  Okay but what if I really, really want or need to change sections?

A: If you preregistered correctly for the course, you should already be enrolled in BC2001/BC2011/BC2012. To attempt to change sections of lab, you should enroll in the section of BC2011 recitation on the day you would like to switch to, and attempt to add the desired section of BC2012 lab. If there is space in the lab, you will be automatically added. If not, you will go onto the wait list. Do not drop your current sections of recitation and laboratory unless/until you receive confirmation from the system that your new section of BC2012 is approved.

Once you receive confirmation, either immediate or otherwise, that you have successfully added the new section of BC2012 you should immediately drop the old sections of BC2011 and BC2012.  Other waitlisted students will thank you.

How to tell if your adviser has approved you to register

Many of you have been asking how to tell if your adviser has approved you to register.

If you meet or have met with your adviser any time between April 3 and your registration appointment time on myBarnard, it is likely that your adviser will approve you either during or after the meeting.

You can check to see if this was done by logging into Student Planning via myBarnard.

If you see the following pop-up in the Notification Center on the upper righthand corner of Student Planning, make an advising appointment if you have not already done so.  If you have already met and believe you should be approved, contact your adviser ASAP to confirm (advisers may review this video if they need a reminder about how to approve students to register).

If you see no such pop-up when you log in, you have been approved and are good to register when your appointment begins!

Monday, April 3, 2017

FAQ: where is Fall 2017 on Student Planning?

Many of you have been asking how to find "Fall 2017" on Student Planning, so that you may begin adding fall courses to your plan in preparation for advising and registration.

1.  Log into myBarnard.

2.  Select Student Planning from the WebAdvisor menu.

3.  From the welcome screen, select Plan & Register:

3.  When you see your current-semester schedule, click on the right-arrow next to the current term to move to the following term:

4.  This should get you to Fall 2017, and you will be able to see any courses you have added to your plan for that semester.

What if I can't click the right-arrow?
You can add a Fall 2017 schedule page yourself in one of two ways:

1.  Go to the Course Catalogue in Student Planning, and "plan" an available section of a Fall 2017 class.  This should make the Fall 2017 page magically appear.


2.  If that doesn't work, or if you want to know that Fall 2017 is there before planning any courses for it,  you may also go to the Timeline section and select "Add Term" to manually add the Fall 2017 semester page:

FAQ: when is my preregistration appointment?

When will I be able to preregister for my fall 2017 classes?
All first-year students will be assigned registration times that begin on Wednesday, April 19th.  Be sure you have met with your adviser and secured approval to register by that time.

How will I know when my assigned registration time begins?
Find your time by logging into myBarnard.

First, click on the ACADEMICS tab

Then, look under "myAcademic Record" in the right-hand column and click on "View Registration Appointment"

This will give you a list of your assigned registration times -- again, please plan to meet with your adviser and get registration approval before the first time listed if at all possible.  

Opportunity: Learn about Sarah Lawrence study abroad program at University of Oxford

Dr. George Southcombe, from Wadham College, University of Oxford, will be here to speak about the Sarah Lawrence study abroad program at the University of Oxford.
Please join us!

Friday, 04/071-2pm
Diana 502  

Please follow the link to  RSVP by 04/05

Food will be served.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Opportunity: Final Pre-Health Overview Sessions in April

Are you considering a career in the health profession? 
Do you have questions about being a pre-health student at Barnard and want to learn more? 
Are you interested in learning about the resources and advising support our office provides?
Whether you are a first-year or a senior, it's never too late to start exploring the health professions.

We invite you to come to a Pre-Health Overview Session! 
These small group sessions will serve to provide you with an overview of:
  • Academic Preparation 
  • Gaining Experience
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Committee Letter of Evaluation
  • Resources and more!
Sessions will be held in the Dean of Studies Office, Conference Room, 105 Milbank Hall
These sessions are intended to serve as your "first" pre-health advising appointment. We ask that you attend an overview session prior to scheduling an individual advising appointment with Dean Cohen, Associate Dean for Pre-Health Professions Advising.

RSVP required via AdviseStream, to create an account please click here

Spring '17 Sessions: Tue April 4th at 3pm and Fri Apr 21st at 12pm

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Advising Period for Fall 2017 registration: April 3-14 (Registration is April 17-21)

Don't delay -- contact your adviser today!

Advising Period:  April 3-14th
All students who want to register for fall 2017 classes need to meet with their academic adviser sometime between Monday, April 3rd and their first online registration appointment.  

As rising sophomores (!), your appointment times will begin on Wednesday, April 19th, so you can have your advising meeting Monday or Tuesday of the week of April 17th if needed

*NOTE, if you or your adviser observes Passover: please be particularly sure to plan ahead to avoid scheduling conflicts.

You may begin "planning" courses as soon as you see the "Fall 2017" page in Student Planning.  Be sure to also look in the Columbia Directory of Classes for full course descriptions, prerequisites, and special registration procedures.  Fall 2017 course listings should be available by the beginning of April.

Your goal should be to have to have all the courses you hope to take (and a couple of "Plan B" options) in the "planned" (yellow) stage before your registration time on April 19th, so all you have to do then is click the "register all" button.

At your advising meeting, plan to discuss:
  • how the semester is going
  • any difficulties you may be having
  • what classes you're enjoying
  • what requirements you want/need to prioritize
  • questions you have about current and future coursework, majors, research opportunities, etc.
  • classes you're considering for fall 2017
  • At the end of the meeting, your adviser will "unlock" your ability to register -- be sure to ask them to do this if they don't remember
You may begin registering online at your first assigned registration time (for rising sophomores, these begin Wednesday, April 19), as long as you have (1) met with your adviser and (2) secured their approval by then.

See myBarnard in the coming weeks for your registration time -- if no times are listed, they aren't available yet; check back soon.

See the Student Planning Tutorials on myBarnard if you need a refresher on how to plan, get adviser approval, and register for courses.