Monday, December 5, 2016

Opportunity: Apply to be a Resident Assistant (RA)

Applications to be a 2016-2017 RA are now available online

Students who wish to apply for be a Resident Assistant (RA) for the 2017-2018 academic year must attend one of the mandatory RA Application information sessions listed below in order for your application to be accepted:
  • Tues, Dec 6, 2016 7pm Sulz Tower, 17th Fl South
  • Wed, Dec 7, 2016 9pm Sulz Tower, 17th Fl South
  • Thurs, Dec 8, 2016 10am Diana Center, Rm 502
  • Fri, Dec 9, 2016 4pm Diana Center, Rm 502
  • Sun, Dec 11, 2016 6pm Sulz Tower, 17th Fl North
  • Tues, Dec 13, 2016 12:30pm Diana Center, Rm 504

For more information, please email, call 212-854-5561, or visit the Residential Life & Housing Office at 110 Sulzberger.

DON'T WORRY if current-semester recitation section says "no longer available"

Several of you have let us know that some current, fall-semester recitation sections are now showing up as "no longer available" in Student Planning.  Don't worry about this! 

Since you don't receive separate credit or a separate grade for these sections, they are coded differently in they system, which is causing them to show up in this way, but you are still registered!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Opportunity: Athena Digital Design Classes

The Athena Digital Design Agency started here at Barnard a couple years ago with the mission of encouraging more women to learn to code. We are a student-run organization and offer free HTML/CSS and Javascript classes to current Barnard students. Students meet weekly for a 2-hour class. No coding experience is necessary to join our classes! 

After the completion of the HTML/CSS course, students are welcome to join our agency where they can take on web design jobs from clients. This is a great way to make some money on the side, improve their coding experience, and add something to their resume. 

Deadline for applications is December 23rd

I appreciate it if you could share this with your students!

Anna Wen
Barnard College 2017

MONDAY 12/5/16 = next opportunity to add/drop spring 2017 classes

Need to make changes to your spring 2017 schedule?

The next registration period begins Monday morning, 12/5/16.  Check myBarnard for your registration times.  

You do not need to get your adviser's approval again to add and drop courses during this period, though of course please consult as needed for advice.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Reminder: register for FY Writing or FY Seminar on MONDAY if you have not yet done so

If you were unable to register for a FY Seminar or FY Writing course during registration week, you will have another opportunity on Monday, Dec. 5, at your designated registration time.  Students who are currently registered for a FYS or FYW will be able to switch sections during this period as well.

Check the current registration numbers in the Directory of Classes so you can prepare to add one of the available sections as soon as possible:

FY Seminar Course Listings

**NOTE:  All FY Seminar sections are capped at 16, with the exception of Reacting to the Past, which is capped at 18.

FY Writing Course Listings:

Important notes about FY Writing Courses: 
  1. All FY Writing sections are capped at 15.  You may register for any section with fewer than 15 students for ENGL BC1210 (Women & Culture), ENGL BC1211 (Legacy of the Mediterranean), or ENGL BC1212 (The Americas).  
  2. If you are interested in ENGL BC1204 (First-Year Writing Workshop), you must follow special procedures.  See this previous blog post for more info about this special option and how to ask to join it.

Reminder: Physical Education is a First-Year Requirement

If you're a first-year student who won't be completing one credit of Dance or PE this semester, don't forget that PE is a required course for all first-year students.  If you didn't register for PE during the Nov. 17 registration period, don't despair!  There is space available in nearly all sections of PE offered in Spring 2017.

Here's what to do:

1.  Check the Directory of Classes to find a PE or Dance class with space available.

2.  Add this class to your Course Plan for spring 2017 in Student Planning.  Don't worry if it shows up as 0 credits -- the registrar will change this to 1 credit for all eligible students after the final registration deadline in January.

3.  Register for your preferred class when registration opens again on Monday, December 5th.  If it's full, you may add yourself to the waiting list.  If you get an error message, contact the registrar.

4.  Don't forget: you must attend the first class session (for Dance, the first two sessions) to confirm your enrollment.

5.  Dance classes begin the first week of classes.

6.  Barnard PE classes begin the second week of classes.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Opportunity: NYCCEP Action Academy

From the Barnard New York City Civic Engagement Program:

The application for the NYCCEP Action Academy, our newest program, is now open!

The Action Academy is a 10-week training series running from February to April that will teach a select group of students the necessary tools to meaningfully engage in community organizing and social activism.  Students will walk away from every session with a new skill like grant writing, leading a teach-in, speech-giving, etc.  Each training session will feature hands-on learning, led by staff, students, alumnae, and other professional experts.  

The Action Academy will meet on Wednesday afternoons from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm on Barnard’s campus.  Please visit this site for more information and the link to the application. The deadline is Thursday, December 15th, at midnight.

Questions? Contact NYCEEP

Monday, November 28, 2016

Opportunity: Women in Science @ Columbia "Ask a Grad Student" Mentoring Event

An invitation from Women in Science at Columbia (WISC):

"Ask a Grad Student."
 This event will provide opportunities for attendees to ask questions about a variety of topics, ranging from gaining research experience, to applying for fellowships, to overcoming Imposter Syndrome and more, in an informal setting. Attendees will chat with current grad students in small groups, and rotate through the evening so that all attendees will have a chance to chat with all grad student mentors. All are welcome, regardless of gender.

When: Wednesday, November 30 at 7:30 pm
Where: 200B Schermerhorn Hall
RSVP recommended (but not required):

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving! Barnard Admin Offices closed Nov. 24-25; Hewitt Dining Hall OPEN

Reminder: Barnard Administrative Offices close at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, November and are closed Thursday and Friday, Nov. 24-25.  

Hewitt Dining Hall is OPEN over Thanksgiving BreakNov. 24-27, 2016
11am-1pm - Buffet Bunch
5-7pm - Buffet Dinner

The Diana Cafe & Liz's Place will be closed during this time.

All dining facilities will return to their regular schedules on Monday, November 28, 2016.

Note: A special Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings will be served on Thursday, November 24.

If you have any questions, please contact Al Sobera, Director of Barnard Dining Services, at

Monday, November 21, 2016

Update re: FY Seminar & FY Writing registration

If you were unable to register for a FY Seminar or FY Writing course because all of them seemed to be full, you can now see the current registration numbers in the Directory of Classes -- we anticipate that more space will become available as additional students drop extra sections, so keep checking, so that you can prepare to add one of the available sections during your next registration time the week of December 5.

FY Seminar Course Listings

NOTE:  All FY Seminar sections are capped at 16, with the exception of Reacting to the Past, which is capped at 18.

FY Writing Course Listings:

Important notes about FY Writing Courses: 
  1. All FY Writing sections are capped at 15.  You may register for any section with fewer than 15 students for ENGL BC1210 (Women & Culture), ENGL BC1211 (Legacy of the Mediterranean), or ENGL BC1212 (The Americas).  
  2. If you are interested in ENGL BC1204 (First-Year Writing Workshop), you must follow special procedures.  See this previous blog post for more info about this special option and how to ask to join it.

PSYC-BC1001 Intro to Psych Additional Registration Info: in-class lottery for SECTION 2 ONLY

Several of you have been asking whether there will be an in-class lottery on the first day of PSYC-BC1001 Introduction to Psychology.

Per the Psychology Department:
  • Section 2 (with instructor Patricia Stokes) will hold an in-class lottery on the first day of class in January to determine enrollment.  There is space for 50 students in this section.
  • Sections 1 & 3 (with instructor Sabrina Jhanwar) and section 4 (with instructor Karen Kelly) will not use a lottery -- you must attend the first class if you are registered or waitlisted and wish to take this class.  Waitlisted students who attend on the first day will be admitted as space becomes available.  
Remember:  in all cases, you must attend the first meeting of any Psychology class or lab you hope to take.  

Additional Step needed to register for Barnard French language classes

If you are planning on taking a Barnard French class*, in addition to registering online, you must also fill out the very brief form at

*Not sure if your French class is a Barnard class?  It is if the course number begins with FREN-BC....

What to do if you missed Friday's spring-registration deadline

The deadline to be fully registered (green) for at least 12 credits for spring 2017 was Friday, November 18.
If you missed the deadline....

Don't panic!  

That said, you will need to address this ASAP so that you can be registered for the classes you need, so:

If you have not met with your adviser and secured his/her approval to register (see previous blog post to find out if you've been approved), contact your adviser to make an appointment to discuss registration and secure his/her approval online.  Can't get in touch with your adviser?  Meet with your Class Dean.

If you have not registered, have insufficient credits, or want to make changes to your spring 2017 schedule, you may do so at your designated appointment time during the next add/drop period, beginning December 5.

Add "First-Year Deadlines" to your gBear calendar and set up email reminders so you won't miss the next deadline!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Opportunity: Dean of Studies Insta Contest!

The Dean of Studies Insta Contest ends on Thanksgiving! Winning photos will be hung permanently on the walls of the Dean of Studies office, and students will be invited to a special gallery opening with the deans.
To participate in the contest:1) Snap a picture of campus or the city. Pictures may also be of objects, but please do not include people in the photos
2) Follow us on Instagram @dos_bc. Upload your photo to Instagram with #CityLifeBC and @dos_bc in the caption
3) Winners will be decided through a public Instagram vote; the photos with the most likes will be chosen, so tell all your friends to like your photo and to follow @dos_bc on Insta!
1. Pictures can be in color or black-and-white
2. Photos must not have people in them
3. One entry per Insta account
4. If you win, you must print out and frame your photo
• Minimum size: 5’’ x 7’’
• Maximum size: 11’’ x 17’’

Submission deadline: Thanksgiving. Thursday, November 23, 2016 at 2:00PM
Winners will be notified through an @mention on Friday, December
2, 2016
Gallery Opening: December 2016 Reading Week. Data TBA

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Computer glitch keeping you from registering for PE? The Registrar can help!

We have learned that there is some kind of computer glitch affecting students' ability to add PE classes online.  If you get an error message when trying to register for a PE class, please contact the Registrar, either by visiting them in 107 Milbank 9:30-4:30 or emailing

REPOST: Registering for Psychology Statistics & Lab courses --

From the Psychology Department:
Please be aware that as of this semester, Fall 2016, the Barnard Psychology Department will no longer hold a lottery for enrollment in our PSYC laboratory and statistics courses. You will simply enroll in our courses the same way you do for all other courses, through the Student Planning registration system (accessed via myBarnard), at your designated appointment time determined by class year.

Old information maybe still be posted, so ignore any mention of a lottery in the Directory of Classes or the Catalogue, or elsewhere.

Also, please note that each PSYC BC1015 [Psychology Research Methods Lab] section has an enrollment cap of zero. This means that everyone who signs up for this course will be placed on a wait list, and the instructor will then notify you if you have a seat in the class. There is room for 24 students in each section.

The process in January, however, remains the same for all of our labs and stats courses in terms of needing to attend the first day of class to confirm your seat.

IMPORTANT: Please drop "extra" sections of FY Seminar or FY Writing ASAP

As a reminder, students may not register for more than one section of FY Seminar or FY Writing.  You may "plan" (yellow) more than one FYS/FYW course, but you may not be registered (green) for more than one.There is simply not enough space to allow this, and it harms your fellow students by making them unable to register for a required course.  

If you are registered for more than one FY Seminar or FY Writing course, please immediately drop all but one.  

If you are still registered for multiple sections of FY Seminar or FY Writing after registration closes, the registrar will arbitrarily drop all but one from your schedule -- take care of this yourself ASAP if you want to have a choice in this matter.  

REPOST: Deadline to Withdraw from a Class -- Thursday, Nov. 17, 4:30 p.m.

The deadline to withdraw from a course is Thursday 11/17 at 4:30 p.m. You need your adviser's signature on a withdrawal form in order to withdraw from a course.

To withdraw from a course:
  1. Make an appointment to meet with your adviser.
  2. Pick up a withdrawal form (same as the drop form) from the Registrar's office (107 Milbank), Complete the form, meet with your adviser to discuss and obtain their signature.
  3. Submit the signed form to the Registrar's office before they close at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 17. The course will remain on your transcript with a "W" next to the number of credits, indicating that you officially withdrew from the course midway through the semester.

Remember that all students are expected to complete at least 12 points of credit per semester; if you have extenuating circumstances and need to drop below 12 points of credit by withdrawing from a course, you must see the Office of Disability Services for special permission, which is given only under extraordinary circumstances.

Considering staying in a challenging course?  Don't forget to check out the helpful resources at

FAQ:  I tried to withdraw from a class by clicking "drop" on Student Planning, but nothing happened!
A:  See directions above -- you must meet with an adviser and submit an actual paper form (welcome to the 20th Century!) to the Registrar's office.D

FAQ: I withdrew from a course following the proper procedures, but it is still on my schedule and timeline in Student Planning
A:  Don't worry!  A student will not see the W (which is a final grade) until grades are in for this semester.  But if the course is gone from Courseworks, you have successfully withdrawn from it.

REPOST: Pass/D/Fail Deadline -- Thursday Nov. 17, 11 p.m.

If you want to declare the Pass/D/Fail option for a fall 2017 course, the deadline to declare  is Thursday 11/17 at 11:00 p.m. through myBarnard.


What is P/D/F exactly?
This is a transaction between you, the computer, and the registrar.  You do not need to discuss it with your instructor.  If you elect this option, your professor will continue to grade your work like any other students and submit a final grade for you for the course.  The grade must be a “C-” or higher to earn a “P”

Am I allowed to take a particular class P/D/F?
You can find the rules governing the pass/d/fail option, as well as instructions for utilizing it, here on the Registrar's website.

How do I elect to take a class P/D/F?
You do not need your adviser's approval to select the P/D/F option, but it would be a good idea to discuss the matter with your adviser or class dean to ensure that you have thought through the decision.  Go to myBarnard and follow the registrar's directions to elect the p/d/f option.

I tried to click on P/D/F Option online as directed, but nothing happened!
This is most likely because you are using Safari as your web browser.  Try Chrome or Firefox or something else.  If the problem persists, contact Student Computing.

What is this "uncovering" I keep hearing about, and how/when/why would I do that?
If you elect the P/D/F option by the deadline today, you will have the opportunity, at the beginning of next semester, to log into myBarnard, click on the "Pass/D/Fail Option" link in Web Adviser, and peek at what grade you would have earned had you taken the class for a letter grade.  If you like that grade, you may opt to "uncover" it and revert to letter-graded status.  If you do nothing, the grade will remain in P/D/F status.  The deadline to uncover a grade of P is the registration deadline at the beginning of the following semester.

Green is GOOD -- be registered (green) for at least 12 credits by 9:45 p.m. Friday, 11/18/16

ReminderIt is very important (required!) that you be successfully registered for at least 12 credits by the 9:45 p.m. on Friday, November 18.

Unlike over the summer when your preregistration was not confirmed, you are actually registering for classes during this registration week:  unless the course you're registering for has a special note indicating that you need to apply, audition, or show up on the first day to secure or confirm your enrollment for a class:

If a class appears on your schedule or List of Courses in GREEN, then you have successfully registered for it.  

This is true even if it says "This section is full."  If the course is GREEN, then you are among the students that is making this class full

This is true even if it says "This section has a waitlist." If the course is GREEN, you have registered, and other students are on the waitlist.

If a course that you have already attempted to add appears on your schedule or list of courses in YELLOW:

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

REPOST: Opportunity for Current First-Year Seminar Students: Spring First-Year Writing Workshop

A message from the First-Year Writing Workshop Program:

Dear First-Years,

My name is Cecelia Lie, and I am the Associate Director of the Writing Program. I hope you are all enjoying your experiences at Barnard so far!

As you approach the middle of your first semester, you now know first-hand what instructors and staff mean when they describe Barnard's curriculum as "writing-intensive." Many of you have already sought writing support in a variety of ways: reaching out to your instructors, visiting the Writing Center, or turning to your friends and roommates for a fresh pair of eyes. Those of you who are taking First-Year Writing (FYW) this Fall understand the challenge of Barnard’s writing-focused curriculum particularly well.

For those of you who are currently in First-Year Seminar (FYS) and will be taking FYW in the Spring, I am writing to announce that this Spring, we will be offering two sections of FYW Workshop, a course we have previously only offered in the Fall. As you may already know, Barnard offers two kinds of FYW courses: "First-Year Writing" (1210, 1211, and 1212) and "First-Year Writing Workshop" (1204). While all FYW courses prepare you for writing-intensive coursework at Barnard, Workshop (1204) is designed to offer more intensive, in-depth work on your writing skills. FYW and FYW Workshop are equally rigorous, and both courses read the same texts. 1204, however, meets 3 days per week instead of 2; it is worth 4 credits instead of 3; and the class sizes are smaller. It is an unusual opportunity to focus intensively on the critical reading and academic writing you will need in just about every course in every department, throughout your time at Barnard.

If you believe you would benefit from the intensive critical reading and academic writing support that we offer in Workshop, please send me an email ( about why you are interested in the course, and attach a writing sample (this could be an FYS paper or a paper for another humanities or social sciences course you are taking this semester -- no lab reports please!). From there, we’ll work together to determine whether Workshop would be a good fit for you.

Best of luck with your midterm papers and exams!

Cecelia B. Lie
Associate Director, Barnard College Writing Program
225 Barnard Hall · 3009 Broadway · New York, NY 10027 · 212-851-9247

Detailed Final Exam Schedule Now Available

The detailed, course-by-course schedule, which includes the rooms in which exams meet,  is now posted for both Barnard and Columbia:[1]_tran_name=scel

Instructions for a student with exam conflict or exam hardship are above the Barnard schedule.

[Note that the master schedule has been on the Columbia web site since August, and it has not changed.  Faculty and students could (and should) have made travel arrangements based on that schedule.]

Known Technical Issue: Safari doesn't work for some myBarnard/WebAdvisor Functions (P/D/F, My Progress)

Using Safari as your web browser and trying to click on a link under Web Adviser on myBarnard?
Nothing happening?
Don't panic!

Try Chrome, Firefox, or another browser.  

We've heard from students experiencing this issue with "Pass/D/Fail Option" and "My Progress."

Opportunity: NEW course: From Forensics to Art Conservation - The Jazz of Chemistry

Looking for a cool way to fulfill your science-without-lab Foundations requirement?
And/or the "Quantitatively and Empirically" Mode of Thinking requirement?

Then check this out!

CHEM BC-1050 (3 credits)
From Forensics to Art Conservation - The Jazz of Chemistry
Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:10 a.m.–11:25 a.m.
Instructor: Meena Rao

The contribution of chemistry to everyday life is immense. The applications of chemistry in medicine, petrochemicals, cosmetics, and food are readily apparent. However, chemistry is a key part of many other fascinating fields, some of which may be less obvious. Examples of areas in which chemistry plays a key role include forensic science; art restoration and forgery detection; and flavors and fragrances in food, beverages and other consumer products. The goal of this course is to provide insights and spur discussion of several areas and applications of chemistry, and provide hands-on experience in techniques used in these fields sparking the curiosity of Barnard students into this marvelous field.
(Limited to 25 students)

How to tell if your adviser has approved you to register

Many of you have been asking how to tell if your adviser has approved you to register.

If you meet or have met with your adviser any time between October 31 and your registration appointment time on myBarnard, it is likely that your adviser will approved you either during or after the meeting.

You can check to see if this was done by logging into Student Planning via myBarnard.

If you see the following pop-up in the Notification Center on the upper righthand corner of Student Planning, make an advising appointment ASAP if you have not already done so. If you have already met and believe you should be approved, contact your adviser ASAP to confirm.

If you see no such pop-up when you log in, you have been approved and are good to register when your appointment begins!

Monday, November 14, 2016

International Education Week Nov. 14-18

From the Office of International and Intercultural Student Programs:
For detailed program descriptions, please click here:

FAQ: Spring Course Registration: finding your registration time, advising, registration, Foundations requirements, and tracking your degree progress

Many of you have been asking about the nutsHere is some logistical information and links to video tutorials so you will know what to do and when to do it in order to preregister for fall 2016 classes

When will I be able to preregister for my spring classes?
All first-year students will be assigned registration times that begin on Thursday, November 17.

How will I know when my assigned registration time begins?
Find your time by logging into myBarnard.

First, click on the ACADEMICS tab

Then, look under "myAcademic Record" in the right-hand column and click on "View Registration Appointment"

This will give you a list of your assigned registration times -- plan to start adding and dropping classes during the first time listed if at all possible.  

How will I register for classes?
First, meet with your adviser if you have not already done so!  Second, as a reminder, tutorials with step-by-step instructions on how to use Student Planning are available as a link on your MyBarnard Homepage. Look for this button:

Or, you can go directly to this link:

What do I need to know about Student Planning?
If you don't remember how to register, we highly recommend that you view the Student Planning Tutorial videos (link provided above) well in advance of your assigned registration time. These short videos will provide you with the information necessary to access and use Student Planning for the upcoming Course Registration periods.

How can I keep track of all of my requirements?
On myBarnard, you will see a link called “My Progress.” You will be able to view a General Education Requirement audit in this window, to track which which General Education Requirements (Foundations) you fulfill as you complete coursework.  

A Major Requirements Audit will be available when you declare a major, you will also be able to look at requirements for possible future majors.  You should continue to work with your advisers and the Registrar’s office and look at departmental websites to learn about major requirements. 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Registration Week Nov. 14-18: Register during your assigned time, beginning on THURSDAY for first-year students

As a reminder, you need to meet with your adviser sometime before your first assigned registration time this week.  You are already able to plan courses, but you will not be able to register unless/until your adviser approves you for registration, and this can only happen once you have had an advising meeting.

Haven't met with your adviser yet?  Contact him/her ASAP to set up an appointment.

To preregister for spring courses this week:

  • Be sure you have met with your adviser, and that he/she has approved you to register.
  • Be sure you have planned (yellow) your preferred Spring 2017 courses in Student Planning so they'll be ready to go when your registration time begins.
  • Log into myBarnard and find your registration times (Academics tab --> My Registration Times link on righthand side).
  • Log into Student Planning via myBarnard as soon as your first registration time begins on Thursday, and no later than the end of your last registration time on Friday, Nov. 18, and click the blue "REGISTER" button on the upper right.  
  • Unlike summer course selection, this is actual preregistration. Unless a course has note informing you of special registration procedures (application, writing sample, audition, must attend first class to confirm, etc.), you will be actually registered for any course that shows up in green on your schedule.
  • If you aren't able to add a class, add your self to the waiting list and/or select a "plan B" option.
  • NOTEYou must be fully registered (green) for at least 12 credits by the end of this week, or you will be charged late fees.  There will be additional add/drop times in the coming weeks and months, along with a final "shopping" period at the beginning of the spring semester, when you will again consult with your adviser before finalizing your schedule.
Questions?  Meet with your adviser or a dean.  

Monday, November 7, 2016

FAQ: Foundations Science Requirement

Many of you have been asking questions about fulfilling the Foundations science requirement.  As a reminder, all members of the class of 2020 must take two semesters of science:
  • One semester of a science with a lab
  • One semester of a science course that need not be accompanied by lab*
*Note: These two classes do not need to be taken in sequence or even in the same department. However, be sure you have fulfilled necessary prerequisites (check course descriptions) and, if you are considering a science major or a pre-health track, you should follow advice from the relevant departments, deans, and advisers.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Election Day Recess Nov 7-8

What is open & what is closed during Election Day Recess / Fall Break?

Monday Nov. 7
No classes
Administrative offices OPEN
Some Profs, Deans, and staff may be unavailable (First-Year Class Dean will have appointments but no walk-ins -- go to

Tuesday, Nov. 8
No Classes
Administrative offices CLOSED
Polls OPEN

Friday through Tuesday
Hewitt Dining Hall OPEN -- see website for details