Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Advising: Economics Department Open House for New Students

The Economics Department is hosting an Open House for new students potentially interested in majoring in Economics. Please come even if you are just beginning to explore Economics as an option. Lunch will be served!

Monday, September 29
12:30 to 1:30 pm
Room 21 Lehman Hall, in the basement.

If you can't stay for the entire hour, please come for just part of the time. You will meet faculty, other new students, and current Economics majors. Please contact Professor Sharon Harrison at sh411@columbia.edu if you have any questions.

FAQ: schedule of final exams

Once you are certain of your fall courses, you can plan ahead for the end of the semester by determining your final exam schedule. You can view a preliminary schedule of final exams here. While this schedule is not as detailed as the one that will be posted later in the semester, it is generally an accurate preview of the final exam schedules at Barnard and Columbia, and it can be used for preliminary planning purposes. (Schedule changes to this schedule are rare, but it is always a good idea to double-check the detailed schedule that will be posted in November.)

To read this projected schedule, look first within the chart for the meeting day/time of one of your classes, then look at the headings of the row/column that you're in to see the day and time of the final exam. You'll also see that there are some classes listed below the chart that are exceptions to the schedule grid.

Note: You should not make travel reservations until you are certain of your exam schedule. Having an earlier flight is not considered a valid reason for missing a final exam. If in doubt, talk with each of your professors to confirm your final exam schedule in your individual classes.  Remember: you will need to move out of the residence halls 24 hours after your last final.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Resources: workshops for college writing

An announcement from the Barnard Writing Center:

Back to School, Back to Basics: A Grammar and Mechanics Workshop for College Writers

Please join the Writing Program for this month's Grammar Workshop Series, run by Madeleine George, New York City-based novelist and playwright.

In this series of lunchtime refresher workshops, we'll brush up on the skills that strong academic writers draw on to do their best work. These sessions are a chance to remind yourself of what you already know, and expand your skill set. Come to one, or two, or all four; bring your lunch and eat while you learn; bring your questions on any grammar topic to any session, and we'll try to address them all.

All workshops will be 12:00 to 1:00 pm on the following dates and in the following locations:

Tues, 9/16 in 324 Milbank: Stunning Sentences

Wed, 9/17 in 324 Milbank: Tectonic Transitions

Tues, 9/23 in 324 Milbank: Powerful Punctuation

Wed, 9/24 in 323 Milbank: Beautiful Beginnings, Epic Endings

Tues, 9/30 in 324 Milbank: Sentence Diagramming

Please RSVP to rkelliher@barnard.edu to reserve your spot. Workshop descriptions are below (after the jump)

Advising: Business School Information Session

Thinking about attending business school?  On Monday, October 6, from 6:00-8:00 pm, the directors of Admission at Harvard Business School, the Yale School of Management, and the Wharton School (U of Pennsylvania) will offer an information session in 104 Diana.

Food and drink will be served, so please let Dean Runsdorf (jrunsdor@barnard.edu) know by October 1 whether you plan to attend.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Opportunity: finding clubs and organizations

The club fairs came and went awfully fast at the beginning of the semester! If you weren't able to visit the booths and sign up for email list-servs, you can still find some information about the many, many clubs and organizations at Barnard and Columbia. Look over these lists, and don't hesitate to send an email to the general email address for the club or to the personal representative of the club. They'd love to know that you're interested!

Click here to see a list of student-run clubs and organizations that are recognized by Barnard's SGA.

Click here to see a list of student-run clubs and organizations that are recognized by Columbia.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Help Rooms are Here to Support Your Academic Success

Confused about how to get started on a problem set?
Stuck on a hard problem?  
Unclear on a key concept?  
Want to do your homework around other people who are working on the same subject?  
Want to network with other women interested in the same subject?

Variously called Help Rooms, Workshop Rooms, or Study Rooms, these are student-facilitated spaces where you can go to get help, company, and mutual support in a variety of fields:

General Chemistry Help Room
Beginning Sunday, September 21, for all students in General Chemistry -- especially useful for students preparing for the first Gen Chem exam on Monday, Sept. 22.
Sundays          4-6 p.m.       805 Altschul
Wednesdays   8-10 p.m.     805 Altschul

Math Help Rooms

For students in all levels of Math, nearly all day every weekday -- click on the room number for a current schedule for that room:
333 Milbank Hall for help with College Algebra, Calculus I, II, and III
406 Mathematics Building for all other courses.

Organic Chemistry Help Room
Beginning the week of Monday, September 22, for all students in Organic Chemistry
Days/times/locations TBA very soon -- stay tuned for updates.

Physics Study Room
For students in all levels of Physics classes. Bring your homework; bring your questions; bring your ideas; bring your friends.
Wednesdays 7-9 p.m., 514 Altschul. 

Computer Science Help Room
Attention all Barnard women enrolled in a computer science course - the Barnard CS help room is up and running for the semester! Meet other Barnard women that are also taking computer science, and get help from Junior and Senior CS majors. The help room will meet starting this week on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 6-8 in 406 Barnard Hall. Contact Livi Byer (okb2102@barnard.edu) with any questions.

Economics Help Room
The Economics department is happy to announce that the Economics Help Room (EHR) is opening for the semester on Monday, September 22. The EHR is located in Sulzberger Annex 102 (adjacent to Barnard Hall and Sulzberger Hall, and in the Admissions Office's Welcome Center). The hours are Monday through Thursday evenings from 7 to 9 pm.  We will keep track of use, and if demand is high we will open the EHR for more hours later in the semester.
Tutoring will be available for Intro to Economic Reasoning, Math Methods, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Intermediate Microeconomics, Statistics, and Econometrics. The tutors are your peers, and the EHR is a judgment-free zone. There is no such thing as a stupid question in the EHR!
If you use the EHR, please keep the following in mind:

First and foremost, some of the tutors in the EHR are new, and so not everything will go smoothly at first. We appreciate your patience as we “learn on the job.” We will be asking for feedback from you formally via a survey, which you’ll receive by email after you’ve visited the help room. You should also feel free, at any time, to send any comments via email to Professor Harrison (sh411@columbia.edu) , or to stop by her office to chat about your experiences. All comments will be kept confidential.
Second, when asking for help with homework, please also bring your textbook and notes with you. The tutors might not have had the same professor as you do, and therefore might not have used the same textbook. Therefore, it will be helpful for them to see how you were taught the material.
Third, there will be sign-in sheets. Please sign in! It is important that we keep this record of use.
You can find updates about the EHR throughout the semester at:
or just go to the Economics department home page, and find a link to this page.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Meet the Office: the Rosemary Furman Counseling Center

From the Rosemary Furman Counseling Center at Barnard (100 Hewitt Hall):

In everything we do, our goal is to support the personal and academic success of Barnard women. We want to help you make the most of your years at Barnard!

Furman Counseling Center offers several forms of support for Barnard students:
  • Our counselors offer one-hour workshops throughout the year to help students develop personal skills in a variety of areas, such as maintaining balance, stress management, romantic well-being, and smart emotional living. Watch for announcements and flyers about these workshops on the FY Blog and in the residence halls.

Current Groups:

Body Balance Group
A confidential support group for people with body dissatisfaction, food or weight preoccupations, rigid exercise routines, compulsive over or under eating, or purging behaviors. The goals of the group comprise minimizing and eliminating disordered eating behaviors and strengthening regard for and appreciation of one's body.
  • Group leader: Karen Gelder, Ph.D.
  • Time: Monday, 4pm 
  • Location: First floor, Brooks Hall, Room 98

Confident, Comfortable, and Connected
Do you often feel as if you are being judged negatively in social situations? Do you want to connect and talk with people but often feel overcome by fears or worries? Do you avoid social situations or else feel a lot of anxiety when you are in them? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, the Confident, Comfortable, and Connected group may be the place for you. This group provides a place for you develop your social skills and connect with others in a supportive space.
  • Group Leader: Mayowa Obasaju, Ph.D.
  • Time: TBD
  • Location: Brooks Hall Room 97 

Coping With Loss
Coping With Loss is a support group for students who have lost a parental figure and are experiencing emotions associated with grief that make it difficult to enjoy "college life." In this group everyone can understand what you're going through. While we do talk about serious issues, we also laugh, share good fortune, and exchange ideas.
  • Group leader:Hilary Colenso, Ph.D.
  • Time & Location: Wednesdays 5:30. /Brooks Hall 97

Q2A: Queer, Questioning, and Allies
This is a group for students who want a safe space to talk about queer issues such as the possibility of being Queer, what it is like being Queer at Barnard, how to come out to family, how to reconcile religion with sexuality, or any other Queer issues that are important to you! The group is facilitated by a Queer identified Furman counselor and will be a safe and fun space.
  • Group Leader: Gillian Scott-Ward, Ph.D.
  • Time : TBD 
  • Location: Brooks Hall Room 98

Relationship Group
Whether we are in a relationship or not, relationships are of central importance to us. The ability to develop healthy and harmonious relationships is a key aspect to our sense of well-being. This group is designed to help those who find relationships difficulties by providing support and information. You will learn to balance your needs with others, increase communication, and understand yourself better.
  • Group Leader: Erin Jeanette, Ph.D.
  • Time & Location: Thursdays 5pm / Brooks Hall Room 98

Women of Color Support Group
The group will provide a supportive atmosphere where women of diverse cultural backgrounds can engage in discussion and self expression related to the challenges, celebrations, and complexities related to their life at Barnard. Co-sponsored by Diversity Initiatives.
  • Group leader: Mayowa Obasaju, Ph.D.
  • Held Wednesdays at 5pm Location: 301 Diana, 3rd Floor

Monday, September 15, 2014

Meet the Office: Empirical Reasoning Lab

From the Empirical Reasoning Lab in the Barnard Library:

Don't let data get the best of you! The Empirical Reasoning Lab (ERL) can help. Throughout your tenure at Barnard you will have multiple opportunities to work with data, from introductory courses to senior seminars and you can always get support from the Empirical Reasoning Lab, located on the 2nd floor of the Barnard Library.

In the Empirical Reasoning Lab, you have the freedom to discuss your academic and personal projects using data with peer mentors and a graduate student staff. We can help you access, analyze, visualize, and interpret data.

And don't think that data doesn't apply to you! Everything you do and say, everything you see and read, is, in effect, data. Maybe it hasn't been systematically organized yet, but there's probably an app for that! ;)

With technology booming and big data abounding, take advantage of the opportunities and tutorials provided by the ERL to become data savvy.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Welcome (Back) Dinner for International Students

An invitation for International Students from the Office of International and Intercultural Student Programs:

Join OIIS staff, new international students, and returning international students for a celebratory dinner! This will be the first of several fun events throughout the year.

Tues Sept 16
Sulz Parlor.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Advising: general information on studying abroad

Thinking about Study Abroad? Learn more at these events this Fall!

Study Abroad General Information Sessions
Note:  you must attend an info session before you can meet with a Study Abroad Adviser. 
  • Mon, Sept 15, 12:15-1 PM, 324 Milbank
  • Thurs, Sept 18, 12:15-1 PM, 227 Milbank
  • Wed, Oct 8, 12:15-1 PM, 324 Milbank
  • Mon, Oct 27, 1-2 PM, 227 Milbank
  • Thurs, Nov 13, 4-5 PM, 318 Milbank
  • Mon, Nov 17, 12:15-1 PM, 324 Milbank
  • Mon, Dec 9, 1-2 PM, 324 Milbank

Special Info Sessions

  • Study Abroad Scholarships: Wed, Sept 10, 4-5 PM, 306 Milbank
  • Applying to Oxford: Tues, Oct 14, 12:15-1 PM, 307 Milbank
  • Study Abroad for Health/Pre-Med Majors: Tues, Oct 28, 1-2 PM, 324 Milbank

Pick Your Program Week
These sessions compare different program options within a specific country or language.

  • The UK: Mon, Sept 22, 12:15-1 pm, 324 Milbank
  • Spanish-speaking countries: Tues, Sept 23, 12:15-1 pm, 324 Milbank
  • French-speaking countries: Wed, Sept 24, 12:15 pm, 324 Milbank
  • Italy: Thurs, Sept 25, 12:15-1 pm, 324 Milbank

Not ready to think specifically about study abroad but just want a general idea of what's out there?
Try this one:
Study Abroad Fair 
Speak with returning students and representatives from many of Barnard’s approved programs at this annual event.
Fri, Oct 10
12:30-3:30 PM
Roone Arledge Auditorium (Columbia)

REMINDER: Mandatory check-ins for international students on F-1 visas

Mandatory Check-ins
New this year, all students on F-1 visas will be required to attend 1 of 4 mandatory check-ins. These check-ins allow us to ensure that you are maintaining your F-1 status appropriately, get necessary documents from you, share information with you, and get to know you better! So mark your calendars and plan to attend one of these sessions:

  • Tues, Sept 16, 4-5pm, 323 Milbank
  • Wed, Sept 17, 4-5pm, 203 Diana
  • Thurs, Sept 25, 1-2pm, 323 Milbank
  • Fri, Sept 26, 12-1pm, LL104 Diana

When you come, bring a copy or scan of your current and valid F-1 visa, and a printout of your most recent I-94 record. If you do not attend any of these sessions, Barnard will not register you with SEVIS for the fall semester, and a hold will be placed on your Barnard account.

As always, check the Office of International and Intercultural Student Programs website for more information.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Opportunity: apply to work for the The Barnard International Artists Series

Barnard International Artists Series Logo

A Message from the Barnard International Artists Series: 
The Barnard International Artists Series is hiring!

The Barnard International Artists Series is a forum that aims to consider the world through the work of living artists. Information about our previous events, The Chinese Artist: Uncensored, Zadie Smith: Artist and Citizen, and Nadeem Aslam: The Novelist and the War on Terror, can be found online at www.barnard.edu/BIAS or on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/BarnardInternationalArtistsSeries. The full listings for our incredibly exciting Fall 2014 events can be found at the end of this posting.

We are looking to hire a Barnard first-year or sophomore to work with Professor Hisham Matar and series administrator Mariana Robertson on our events in Fall 2014 and beyond, as well as on the series’ web-based archive. Our ideal candidate is organized, web savvy, and passionate about the arts. The position is paid, and hours are flexible (~10 hours/week).

If you’d like to apply, please send a short response (around 500 words) to the series, including why you want to be involved and what you would contribute to improve the series, to BIAS@barnard.edu. Any questions can be directed to the same address.

Registration is now open for the
 for up to any 4 workshops -
FREE and open to all Barnard College students

Put your best foot forward in any academic, personal and "real world" situations.
 Here are some recommendations to get you started:

Recommended for first years and sophomores

Register early for YOUR four workshops as they fill up quickly!

Contact Tomika Rodriguez at trodriguez@barnard.edu with any questions.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Your fall program: instructions and deadlines for certain program filing scenarios

This post provides some reminders of information that was sent to you in an email from the Registrar's Office on Tuesday, August 26:
  • Any student wishing to take over 18 points must receive her Class Dean’s approval.
  • There is no refund for courses, or for fees attached to courses, that are dropped after September 12.
  • If you enroll in a "variable credit" course (e.g., a performance course that may carry 1-3 credits, depending on your level of involvement), see the instructions here.
  • There is a progressive late fee for programs that are not filed AND APPROVED by September 12.  Remember that your program will not be filed until your adviser has approved it on myBarnard.

Monday, September 8, 2014

DEADLINE: finalizing your Fall 2014 program

The deadline to finalize your Fall 2014 academic program is this Friday, September 12.

That means...
  • The "List of Courses" under your Fall 2014 tab in myBarnard should reflect all courses that you are taking for credit this semester, including any P.E., Dance technique, Varsity sport, or performance course for which you will earn credit this semester. If you are unable to add a course that you know that you are in, or if you are unable to drop a course from your program that you will not be taking, please visit or contact the Registrar's office (107 Milbank, registrar@barnard.edu). 
    • Remember that a credit for a P.E. course, Dance technique course, or Varsity sport will appear after the program filing deadline (if the course is eligible for a point of credit for the P.E. requirement). During the third week of courses, the credit for the class will change from 0 to 1, and your total credits will adjust accordingly as well.
  • If you are enrolling in courses that require enrollment in discussion sections or labs that have separate course numbers and call numbers, those additional parts of your program should also appear in your "List of Courses," even though they may not carry additional credits.
  • Friday, September 12, is the last day on which you may officially add a course to your schedule. If you need to add a course to your schedule after that date, you will need to petition the Committee on Programs and Academic Standing for permission to do so (you can obtain a petition and learn procedures at the Registrar's office), and a late add fee may be charged.
  • Friday, September 12, is also the deadline for your adviser to submit approval online for your fall program. So be sure that you have taken steps ahead of time to schedule a meeting with your adviser before the deadline, and do not wait until the end of the day on Friday to ask for a meeting or for approval.
  • Please remember that, if your program is not finalized and approved by your adviser by the end of the day on Friday, you will be charged a late fee, which will become progressively higher for each day past the deadline.
Until the program filing deadline, your Courseworks page may not look exactly like your myBarnard page because it takes some time for an added class on myBarnard to appear on Courseworks and it takes some extra time for a dropped class to disappear from Courseworks. But your Courseworks page will catch up with your myBarnard enrollments. The most important thing this week is to make sure that your enrollments are accurate on your myBarnard Fall 2014 page.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

FAQ: accessing the results of the online Spanish placement exam

If you are enrolled in, or trying to enroll in, a Spanish language class that is above the Elementary I level, and if the instructor has asked you to provide a printed version of your online language placement exam results, here is how you can access them:
  • Go to: http://webcape.byuhtrsc.org/nwcregister.php?acct=barnard (which should be the link that you find through the "Span. Placement" link on your myBarnard page).
  • Enter the password: bear1(the last character is the number "1").
  • Enter in your student information just as you did before: 
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Student ID
    • Email 
    • Note: You do not have to enter in all the survey information, just those fields mentioned above.
  • Then click the RESUME button.
You should then be able to view and print the results of your placement exam.

Friday, September 5, 2014

FAQ: joining a P.E. class after the lottery placements

If the P.E. lottery does not result in a placement for you, or if you did not enter the lottery in time but now wish to join a P.E. class, you can do two things next week to try to secure a place in a course:
  1. Visit the P.E. Department (200 Barnard Annex) to see what classes still have space available after the lottery placements and/or
  2. Visit individual P.E. classes (meeting times and places are posted in the online Directory of Courses) (link fixed as of 9 a.m. 9/9/14 -- thanks to those who let me know it was broken) to see if space is, or may become, available.
Note: Any classes missed will count as absences, even if you join a class later in the week, and the number of allowable absences in a P.E. class is fixed and firm. So visit the department and/or classes as soon as possible to see where you can find a spot.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

myBarnard technical glitch -- don't worry; you are still in your classes!

Update as of 4 p.m. Thursday 9/4/14:  this issue has now been resolved.  Please email the registrar if you are continuing to experience problems with your myBarnard List of Courses.

Due to a technical glitch, some classes have not been showing up on students' myBarnard "List of Courses."

The registrar confirms that students are all still in these classes -- it is an issue of what is displaying on the website, not of actual course registration.  BCIT is working on resolving this problem swiftly.

Meet the Office: Barnard Writing Fellows

The Barnard Writing Fellows Program (founded in 1991) is designed to help students strengthen their writing in all disciplines.

We believe that writing is a process; it happens in stages, in different drafts. It may be ended (on the day a paper is due), but it is never really finished. Writing is revision -- re-seeing -- and all writers, no matter how accomplished, can benefit from discussing their work with an intelligent reader and then revising it.

Often the most fruitful dialogues about your writing occur with your peers, and the Writing Fellows are just that. The Writing Fellows are specially selected Barnard undergraduates who participate in a semester-long workshop in the teaching of writing and, having finished their training, staff the Barnard Writing Center and work in courses across the disciplines.

Writers of all skill levels and in all disciplines are welcome to use the Writing Center. Excellent writers who understand the value of feedback use the Writing Center. First-year students writing First-Year English/First-Year Seminar papers use the Writing Center, as do seniors writing senior theses and students for whom English is a second language. Writing Fellows themselves often use the Writing Center.

To learn more about writing at Barnard, the Writing Fellows, and other writing-and-speaking-related news, visit the program's website, and visit Fellow Voices, the Writing and Speaking Fellows' blog.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

DEADLINE: Registration for Fall 2014

The deadline for registering with the College is tomorrow, Wednesday, September 3. 

Remember that "registration" (confirming to the College that you are present and ready to begin the semester) is a distinct procedure from "program filing" (confirming your enrollment in specific courses for the semester).

If you have a hold from a particular department that is preventing you from completing the registration process, visit that department and, once the matter of the hold has been resolved, ask what steps you must take (if any) to have the hold lifted from your account so that you may complete your registration.

If you miss the registration deadline of September 3, you will incur late fees, which will increase with each day you are late.

If you have questions about registration, please visit the Registrar's office (107 Milbank) or your Class Dean.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Your Fall Program: lottery for Physical Education courses

The P.E. lottery opens at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, Tuesday, September 2, and closes at 12:00 noon on Friday, September 5.

To review the instructions for enrolling in a P.E. course, click here to review the instructions posted last week during Orientation.

At 5:00 p.m. on Friday, September 5, the results of the lottery will be posted in the same area of myBarnard, in the form of rosters for the various P.E. classes. Search for your name to find your placement in a class.

Any questions about your placement by the lottery should be directed to the P.E. department (200 Barnard Annex).

Note: Depending on your particular selections in the lottery and the demand for particular classes this year, there is a chance that the lottery will not place you in a class. If that happens, you may still pursue enrollment in a P.E. class by (a) visiting the P.E. department on Monday, September 8, to find out which classes still have space available and/or (b) visiting the first meeting of a class on Monday or Tuesday to see if space is or becomes available.

Remember that you will need to add the P.E. class to your List of Courses before your adviser submits her/his final approval on your fall program. Note: When first added to your myBarnard program, the course will appear with 0 credit, but after the program filing deadline has passed, the Registrar's office will review programs to adjust for P.E. and Dance technique credits, and the credit will be added to your program.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Your Fall Program: your adviser's approval

Please read this information carefully!

When you add/drop classes to/from your Fall 2014 program, you will receive a reminder saying that the add/drop will not be completed until you receive your adviser's final approval. That reminder refers to the program filing process in its entirety -- i.e., you do not need your adviser's approval immediately after you have completed an add or drop on myBarnard, but you will need it before the end of the program filing period on September 12, when your program is ready to be confirmed and finalized.

If you are able to successfully add a class to your List of Courses, then you are technically enrolled in the class through the online registration system. However, some instructors will be managing their enrollments in the classroom (i.e., determining their own caps and making decisions about who can stay and who must leave), so you should attend the first meeting of a course to make sure that your enrollment is confirmed by the instructor as well.

You will need your adviser's approval by the end of the program filing period, which is Friday, September 12. By that time, your List of Courses should reflect everything that you will be taking this semester: courses, labs and discussion sections (if they have their own call numbers), PE courses, Dance technique courses, etc. Then your adviser will approve it all at once. Once your adviser has put in approval online, keep an eye on your myBarnard program to make sure that checks appear next to every course and to make sure that the checks all turn green by the third week of classes.

Note: Remember that PE and dance technique courses, when added to your program, will reflect 0 points of credit. During the third week of classes, any PE or dance technique course that is eligible for a point of credit will be updated to reflect the point of credit, bringing your total credits up-to-date as well.

If you need some reminders about how the registration and program filing work, visit these pages on the Registrar's website:

Procedures for registration (confirming your place at Barnard College this semester), which must be completed by Wednesday, September 4.

Procedures for program filing (adding or dropping courses, receiving your adviser's approval), which must be completed by Friday, September 13.

Procedures for adding or dropping courses with special enrollment procedures (L-courses, courses with lottery sign-ups, etc.).

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Opportunity: get involved with Barnard's SGA!

An announcement to first-years from Barnard's Student Government Association (SGA):
Are you eager to jump right in and get to work making a difference at Barnard? Do you dream about leaving this place even better than you found it? Are you looking to grow personally and also be part of an amazing team of dedicated and driven Barnard Women? Then we want you to join SGA!
There are any number of reasons and ways you can get involved with SGA:
- Make a difference by joining one of 15 different SGA Committees
- Share your ideas about Barnard’s new library
- Get involved with the 125th Anniversary Celebration
- Share your opinions about Barnard’s Curriculum Review
- Help to plan intercollegiate events like the Tree Lighting Ceremony 
- Voice your concerns and advice on dining halls, housing, the admission process and campus safety
- Make friends with over 150 student leaders on campus!
- Lead your peers through the First Year Class Council and plan events such as First Year Class Dinner and Winter Wonderland!
Check out our website (http://barnard.edu/sga), “Like” our Facebook page (facebook.com/barnardSGA), and stop by our NSOP activities and information sessions during the first week of school! We can’t wait to meet you.
[More information and a schedule of activities after the jump!]

FAQ: AP/IB credit and exemptions/duplicate credit

If you are entering with credits earned through AP or IB test scores, be sure you have reviewed not only how many credits you have earned but also what courses the scores exempt you from:

Click here to visit the Registrar's page regarding AP credit.

Click here to visit the Registrar's page regarding IB credit.
***Important update from the Spanish Department about Spanish IB credit: A SCORE OF 5, 6, OR 7 on the Spanish IB exam will exempt you from the LAN requirement

In the right-hand column of each page, you will see listed any possible exemptions. This information was also noted on pp. 22-23 of your First-Year Academic Guide.

If you have the earned credits, you should not take the equivalent course unless you want to willingly forfeit the AP credits (and there can be legitimate reasons for doing so). If you have questions about whether you would like to retake a course and forfeit your credits, please discuss the matter with your adviser.

Important Information: Science Labs

Please note that, if you were assigned to a science laboratory during the summer, you will need to determine whether to attend the first lab meeting during the first week of classes or not, according to the following guidelines:

Astronomy: Labs will not meet the first week of classes. You should attend the lecture only, where you will receive information about your future lab meetings.

Biology: Labs will not meet the first week of classes. You should attend the lecture only, then plan to begin attending labs during the second week of classes.

Chemistry: Labs WILL meet the first week of classes. You should attend the meeting of the lab to which you were assigned, where you will receive safety training and take a diagnostic class. This lab meeting is mandatory to confirm your enrollment in the lab. If you have a conflict during the first week with your assigned lab time, you should contact the Chemistry department as soon as possible.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Your Fall Program: enrolling in Physical Education courses

Approximately half of the Class of 2018 has been given preference for the fall semester P.E. lottery. If you have received preference in the lottery, you are guaranteed a place in a P.E. course this fall. Note: Even if you have been given preference for the P.E. lottery, you are not yet officially enrolled in a P.E. course; you must follow the instructions below to secure a place and to enroll in a course. If you did not receive preference for the fall P.E. lottery, you may still participate in the lottery by following the instructions below.

To enroll in a P.E. course, you must do the following:
  • Register for the lottery on myBarnard. Register between 9:00 am on Tuesday, September 3rd and 12:00 noon on Friday, September 5th. You may register at any time during this open lottery period; your odds do not increase if you submit your form sooner than later. When you register, you will be asked to rank three class preferences. You can find the schedule for all P.E. courses here in the Physical Education department’s section of online Directory of Courses. Before submitting your list, make sure that your selections do not conflict with your academic courses. Note: While being given preference guarantees you a place in a P.E. course, it does not guarantee you your first choice.
  • Rosters for each P.E. course will be posted online in the P.E. lottery section of myBarnard after 5:00 pm on Friday, September 5th. Search for your name to find the course in which you have been placed.
  • Once you are assigned to a P.E. course, you must then add the course to your online academic program, using the 5-digit call number assigned to the course. The course must be listed as part of your final program on myBarnard as approved by your adviser, or you will not receive credit for the course. If you add the P.E. course to your program after your adviser has approved your program, you must ask your adviser to re-approve your program.
    • If the lottery does not assign you to a course, you should speak to the Physical Education department on Monday, September 8th and/or attend the first class meeting of P.E. courses to see if space is available.
    • If you change your academic program after September 6th and the change causes a conflict with your assigned P.E. course, you should speak to the Physical Education department on Monday, September 9th and/or attend the first meeting of other P.E. classes to see if space is available.
  • Begin attending the P.E. class during the second week of academic classes. P.E. classes will begin meeting on Monday, September 8th. If you miss the first class meeting, your place may be given away to another student.
Satisfactory completion of a Physical Education class this semester will fulfill the one-semester Physical Education requirement and will earn you one point of degree credit. If you do not take a Physical Education course this fall, you must either take one in the spring or take a dance technique course in the fall or spring instead.

Note: The credit for a P.E. class will not appear on your myBarnard program until after the program filing deadline has passed (i.e., the week of September 15).

Your Fall Program: enrolling in Dance technique courses

If you indicated during the summer your plan to enroll in a Dance technique course, we have notified the Dance department of your interest in the particular class that you chose. While this notification will not necessarily guarantee you a place in the class, you may be given priority over students who did not indicate interest in advance. Note: Even if you indicated your interest in a particular Dance technique class over the summer, you are not yet officially enrolled in the course; you must follow the instructions below to secure a place and to enroll in the course. If, on your summer program form, you did not indicate a plan to enroll in a Dance course but would now like to do so, you may try to enroll in one by following the instructions below.

In order to enroll in a Dance technique course, you must do the following:
  • Attend the first class meeting. You can find the schedule for all Dance technique courses here in the Dance department’s section of online Directory of Courses. During the first class, the instructor may hold brief placement auditions to determine whether you are at the right level for the class.
  • After your placement has been confirmed, add the 5-digit call number for the course to your myBarnard program. The Dance course must be listed as part of your final program on myBarnard as approved by your adviser, or you will not receive credit for the course. If you add the Dance course after your adviser has approved your program, you must ask your adviser to re-approve your program.
  • Satisfactory completion of a Dance technique class this semester will fulfill the one-semester Physical Education requirement and will earn you one point of degree credit. Barnard requires every student to complete at least one semester of Physical Education or Dance technique by the end of her first year.
If you indicated that you plan to take a Dance technique course, but you would like to take a fall-semester Physical Education class instead (or in addition to a Dance class), space permitting, you may do so either by signing up for the online lottery on myBarnard (see instructions on this FY Blog) or by attending the first meeting of the P.E. course.

Note: The credit for a Dance technique class will not appear on your myBarnard program until after the program filing deadline has passed (i.e., the week of September 15).

Your Fall Program: Varsity athletes

Satisfactory participation on a Varsity athletic team during this semester will fulfill the one-semester Physical Education requirement and will earn one point of degree credit. If your place on a Varsity athletic team has been confirmed, then you should add the course connected to your Varsity team to your academic program, using the 5-digit call number assigned to the team's course.

You can find the call numbers for all Varsity athletic teams here on the Physical Education section’s page of the online Directory of Courses. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the section for “Intercollegiate Athletics,” PHED C1005, then look for your particular team to find the call number of the specific section that you should add to your program.

The course must be listed as part of your final program on myBarnard as approved by your adviser, or you will not receive credit for the course. If you add the P.E. course to your program after your adviser has approved your program, you must ask your adviser to re-approve your program.

Note: The credit for a P.E. class will not appear on your myBarnard program until after the program filing deadline has passed (i.e., during the week of September 15).

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Adviser Group Meeting Locations for Wed 8/27 11 a.m.

Click here for a link to the list of locations for your Adviser Group Meeting on Wednesday, August 27 at 11 a.m.  Note: You will need to be logged into your gBear account to access this list. 

Some updates (all now reflected on the list linked above): Special note for advisees of Professors Pham, Neuhauser, and Larkin:  you will be joining Dean Kuan Tsu's advising  meeting (if you looked at the list between 1 and 1:50 p.m. on Tuesday, you may have seen incorrect information -- it is now accurate) 

Special note for advisees of Professor Pat Denisonyou will be joining Lisa Hollibaugh's advising meeting.
Special note for advisees of Professor Larry Heuer:  you will be joining Dean Friedman's advising meeting.

Special note for advisees of Professor Charlotte Friedman:  you will be joining Dean Natalie Friedman's meeting.

Special note for advisees of Professor Steve Stroessner:  you will be joining Dean Natalie Friedman's meeting.

Look for your adviser's name, then note the building and room number to the right.  If, for any reason, your adviser is not available on Wednesday morning, you will be directed to join a specific other adviser's group meeting (that adviser will be expecting you).  You will still have an individual meeting with your own adviser -- you will receive additional information about scheduling that meeting.  
Be sure to map the location of your meeting on campus so that you can find the room and arrive at the meeting on time.

If you have any confusion on Wednesday morning, please go to the Deans Office in 105 Milbank or call us at 212-854-2024 to ask for help!

Advising: Open Houses for Possible Majors: Chemistry, Dance, Art History, English, Theatre

Deciding on your major can be a challenge...

(Okay, not that kind of challenge...)

Several Barnard departments are hosting Open Houses during NSOP and the first week of classes to help you learn more about some potential majors.  You do not need to be certain of your interests to attend an open house.  Come and learn more; attend as many as you like; and stay tuned for more Open Houses throughout the semester!

Art History
No need to wait for an official open house -- interested students should stop by any time!
Diana 500A

Thursday, August 28, 2014
11 a.m -12:30 p.m.
Altschul Hall, 8th floor

Friday, September 5
2:30-3:30 p.m.
306 Barnard Hall

Thursday, August 28
409 Barnard Hall

Wednesday, August 27
1:15 PM
Minor Latham Playhouse (Milbank Hall, Room 118)

Can't make it at these times?  Interested in another field?  Contact a department anytime and ask to make an appointment with a faculty member!