Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Advising & Registration Period -- Deadline Jan. 27

Sometimes known as "shopping period," now is the time to begin finalizing your spring 2017 course schedule.  

Sometime between now and Jan. 27, you must:

1.  Meet with your academic adviser.  
You are ultimately responsible for making sure that you're registered for the right number of credits, in courses that are appropriate for you.  Your adviser is your first and best resource to help you figure this out.  Contact them ASAP to set up an advising meeting.  Come to the meeting prepared with some questions or discussion topics like:
  • Last, semester, I think I learned....
  • This semester, I'd like to explore....
  • I didn't get into X during preregistration; if I still want to explore that subject, do you know of other good places to start?  Or is there someone else I can/should ask?  
  • Does my schedule seem balanced to you?  
  • Is there something else you would suggest?
2.  Finalize your schedule online
Be sure you are fully registered (green) for any courses you hope to take, and that you drop any classes you no longer want or need.  While you technically have the first two weeks of classes to sort this out, experience has shown that it is very challenging to add a course after the first week of classes, so we recommend that you attend at least the first meeting of any courses for which you are 
  • registered
  • waitlisted
  • interested
As soon as you know you don't want a course you're registered for, please drop it ASAP -- your peers on the waiting list will thank you!

Special note regarding FY Writing & FY Seminar
FY Writing & FY Seminar registrations are now locked -- you cannot add or drop these online.  If you have a FYS or FYW registration problem, you must meet ASAP with the First-Year Dean, who may or may not be able to assist.  

DEADLINE: Enrollment Confirmation Online for the spring semester

Tomorrow, Wednesday, January 18, is the deadline for Enrollment Confirmation online for the spring semester.

If you have a hold on your enrollment confirmation for any reason, be sure to take care of it as soon as possible; you’ll need to see the relevant person, address the issue, and get a signed clearance form to take to the Registrar's Office (107 Milbank).

If you miss the deadline, you will be charged late fees, so confirm your enrollment as soon as possible -- it will only take a few minutes.  If you're reading this after the deadline, you can still confirm your enrollment, but you can't do it online, and the late fees increase the longer you remain unconfirmed, so go the Registrar's Office ASAP to resolve this.

Have a great first day of classes!

Milestone: Your Second-Ever First Day of Classes

Welcome back and happy first day of classes!

Nearly all spring courses begin this week, so unless you've been told otherwise, be sure to attend all the classes you hope to take, whether you are registered or waitlisted.  In many cases, you need to do this to confirm you registration or increase your chances of being admitted from the waiting list.

Dance classes begin the first week of classes -- be sure to attend the first class meeting, even if you are waitlisted!

PE classes begin the second week of classes -- be sure to attend the first class meeting, even if you are waitlisted!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Last Day to Add/Drop FY Writing or FY Seminar Online -- They're LOCKED once classes begin

If you want to switch into a different FYW or FYS class that has space available, today, Friday, January 13, is the last day you may do so.

Once classes begin on Tuesday, Jan. 17, all FY Writing and FY Seminar registrations will be locked.

If you have a FYW or FYS scheduling problem after that, you must meet ASAP with the First-Year Dean, who may or may not be able to assist.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Deadline: Early Incomplete Deadline = Friday 1/13/17

If you took an Incomplete in any of your fall 2017 classes and want to do what is known as a "vanishing incomplete," please note that the deadline to turn in all outstanding work is this Friday, January 13.  Reminder: all such work must be turned in to the registrar, so that it can be time-stamped and they can confirm that you have met this deadline.

Read more about Incomplete policies and procedures at https://barnard.edu/registrar/incomplete.

Important Information: Enrollment Confirmation - Deadline Jan. 18

Don't forget: Barnard has a special process where you need to confirm that you are present on campus ever semester.  This is in addition to and separate from course registration.

This process, called Enrollment Confirmation, opens tomorrow, Friday, January 13. It is a simple, straightforward procedure that you can complete in just a few minutes, and we don't want any of you to have to pay a late fee for not doing this. Confirm your enrollment as soon as you're on campus! 


Enrollment Confirmation Online – Jan. 13 - 18
  1. Log into myBarnard on a computer connected to the Barnard network. 
  2. Click on the “Enrollment Confirmation” link, and follow the instructions there. 
  3. Don’t miss this deadline! If you do, you will need to confirm your enrollment in person at the registrar’s office, and you will be charged a late fee that increases each day.
Note: Do not wait till the last minute to do this -- you may have a hold on your enrollment confirmation that requires you to go to an office, have a meeting, and/or obtain a signature. Be sure to take care of any registration holds ASAP if needed.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Space still available in PE classes -- register today if you need to fulfill the PE requirement

If you're a first-year student who didn't complete one credit of Dance or PE this fall, don't forget that PE is a required course for all first-year students.  If you didn't register for PE during the Nov. 17 registration period, don't despair!  There is space available in nearly all sections of PE offered in Spring 2017.

Here's what to do:

1.  Check the Directory of Classes to find a PE or Dance class with space available.  Plenty are still available!

2.  Plan and Register for this class to your Course Plan for spring 2017 in Student Planning.  Don't worry if it shows up as 0 credits -- the registrar will change this to 1 credit for all eligible students after the final registration deadline in January.  If you are unable to register for a class and/or get an error message, contact the registrar.

4.  Don't forget: you must attend the first class session (for Dance, the first two sessions) to confirm your enrollment.

5.  Dance classes begin the first week of classes.

6.  Barnard PE classes begin the second week of classes.

FAQ:  What if I play a varsity sport?  Can I earn PE credit for that and if so how?
Yes!  Search the Catalogue for PHED-UN1005, select your sport from among the available sections, and register for that section as you would for any other class.

FAQ: deferred exam information

If you received permission for a deferred exam in a Fall 2016 class, be sure to check this page of the Registrar's website to confirm the time and place of the exam on Friday, January 20.

The schedule should be posted by this Friday, January 13.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Job Opportunity: Apply to Be a Barnard ODS note-taker!

Barnard ODS is recruiting strong student note-takers for Spring '17 courses! If you are interested in being a note-taker for any of your courses to help out your fellow students and earn some money for taking notes in classes you are taking yourself, please review our criteria for being a notetaker on our online application. If this is a position you would want to sign up for, please fill out an easy online application!


Monday, January 9, 2017

FAQ: previous college credits


If you took college classes before matriculating at Barnard, you may now request evaluation of those classes for possible Barnard credit, by completing this form and submitting it to the Registrar's office (107 Milbank).

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Opportunity: Apply to Tutor through Barnard's Peer-to-Peer Learning Program

The Barnard Dean of Studies (DOS) Office and the Academic Success and Enrichment Program (ASEP) are seeking Barnard students to serve as tutors in our Peer-to-Peer Learning programs.  DOS and ASEP Peer Tutors are paid $15/hour, for an average of two to four hours per week, to meet individually or in small groups (no more than three students) with fellow students who have requested a tutor for support in a particular class.  Tutors are also paid for approximately one hour per month of training/in-service.

Subjects where tutors are most in demand include:  Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, and Foreign Language, but other subjects may also be needed depending on student requests, so you are encouraged to apply even if the subject you want to tutor does not appear on this list.

- Successful completion of the Barnard course(s) (or equivalent) for which you are applying to tutor
- Empathy, patience, clarity, and kindness
- Commitment to academic integrity
- Second-Semester First-Year, or Sophomore, Junior, or Senior status
- Experience as a peer tutor preferred but not required

To apply to be a Peer-to-Peer Learning Tutor:
1.  Apply at NACElink ID#34997
2.  Fill out this form.
3.  Make an appointment for an interview.  You may meet with either Rebecca Grabiner, First-Year Class Dean & Dean for Academic Assistance or Elida Martinez-Gaynor, Associate Director of Collegiate Programs.

Questions? Email peertopeer@barnard.edu  

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Your Spring Program: enrolling in dance technique courses

If you plan to enroll in a Dance Technique course this semester, you can add the course to your Spring 2017 program in advance, but enrollments will be determined and confirmed during the first class meetings. During the first class, the instructor may hold brief placement auditions to determine whether you are at the right level for the class.

You must add the dance technique course to your schedule in Student Planning in order to receive credit for it. The credit for a P.E. class or Dance Technique class will not appear on your Student Planning schedule until the third week of classes.

Note: The only dance technique courses that are graded pass/fail are Ballet I and Modern I. All other dance technique courses are graded using the letter-grade system; students may apply the pass/D/fail option to dance technique courses at their own discretion.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Next registration/add/drop periods Jan. 3-6 and Jan. 9-13

The next add/drop periods will be Jan. 3 - 6, 2017; and Jan. 9 - 13, 2017.  
You do not need to get your adviser's approval again to add and drop courses during this period.

Find your individual registration times on myBarnard

Register as usual by logging into Student Planning via myBarnard -- watch the tutorials if you need to refresh your memory on how to do any of this:

The spring 2017 Final Registration Deadline is Friday, January 27th.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Winter Break

The First-Year Blog is taking a long winter's nap. Posts with information about the spring semester will begin to appear on Monday, January 2.

In the meantime, have a wonderful holiday season and a very happy new year!

Opportunity Arthur Liman Public Interest ​YLS​ Summer Fellowship Program -- DEADLINE Jan. 30

The Arthur Liman Public Interest Program at Yale Law School supports undergraduate and graduate students working in the public interest. Broadly defined, public interest law includes helping those lacking resources to retain attorneys, as well as engaging in advocacy work and participating in shaping public policy. The Liman Summer Fellowship offers students an opportunity to participate in public interest law projects. Past fellows have worked on issues relating to immigrants' rights, workers' rights, prison conditions, educational adequacy, reproductive rights, and juvenile rights.

All currently enrolled students are eligible to apply, including seniors who wish to work during the summer immediately following their graduation.

Three fellows will be selected by a Barnard committee of faculty and administrators. The Liman fellows will receive a stipend of $4,000​.  Selected fellows will be required to attend the Liman Colloquium with fellows from the other participating schools in April, 2017 at Yale Law School. They must also complete a final report describing their summer fellowship to be submitted by the beginning of September, 2017.

At the time of application, students need not have identified a specific project. However, if students are interested in specific substantive areas or projects, they should describe them in their applications.

The application must include the following:
  • A cover sheet listing your current contact information (address, phone, email) and class.
  • A resume, which should list relevant prior experiences working or volunteering in public service.
  • An essay not to exceed 5 double-spaced pages describing why you are motivated to work in public interest law. The essay should do more than recite activities from the applicant’s resume. If the applicant is considering a fellowship at a specific host organization, a short
  • statement about the host’s work and confirmation that it is a non-profit organization.
  • At least two letters of recommendation, one of which must be from a faculty member who knows the applicant’s work well. The recommendations must be included with the application.
  • A copy of the applicant’s unofficial current college transcript.

Applications for Summer 2017​ fellowships must be submitted by close of business on January 30, 2017.​
All parts of the application must be delivered to the Office of the Dean of Studies, 105 Milbank Hall.
Note: Please follow the Barnard timeline for submission of applications, as specified above, NOT​ the one on the Yale website.

If you have any questions about the program, you should feel free to visit
the website, http://www.law.yale.edu/intellectuallife/undergraduatesummerfellowship.htm
or email Nikki Youngblood Giles, Associate Dean for Pre-Professional Studies, nyoungbl@barnard.edu​.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Milestone: Well done, Class of 2020!

As you finish your exams and head into the winter break, I hope that you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment in completing your first semester of college.

When you arrived here a scant few months ago, most of you had no idea what to expect from your classes, your professors and your peers, so in order to get to this point you have had to make some significant adjustments to any number of new challenges and new expectations.  Many of you have made it to this point in spite of significant obstacles, and we hope that you are now able to say, "I'm a Barnard student!" with conviction and pride.

So give yourself credit for learning, adapting, and facing challenges large and small.  And use the winter break to celebrate your achievement by getting some well deserved rest!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Important Information: end-of-semester procedures and policies

You should also have received or will soon be receiving this via email from the Dean of Studies:

Dear Students,

As the end of semester draws near, the Office of the Dean of Studies would like to go over several important pieces of information that will help you make it through the next few weeks. With the flurry of exams and papers looming, we want to be sure that everyone is aware of college policy and practice, so that if something should come up to impede your progress towards finishing the semester, you won't be taken by surprise. One of the most important things to remember: if you are experiencing any kind of difficulty, whether it be academic or health-related, don't hesitate to contact our office at 212-854-2024, and we will direct you to the help you need.

FINAL EXAMINATION INFORMATION: All instructors and students are expected to stick to the official exam schedule, unless a student finds herself scheduled for three exams within a 24-hour period or four within 48 hours (or, of course, if she is somehow scheduled for two exams at the same time). In the event that your situation appears to meet one of these criteria, your first step should be to go to the Barnard Registrar's Office (107 Milbank), where you will receive further guidance as to how to proceed.

DEFERRAL: If it appears that you will be unable to take a final exam because of illness or emergency, contact a) your instructor FIRST, AND b) the Dean of Studies Office (212-854-2024) on the day of the exam, before the scheduled start of the exam. (There will be staff in the Dean of Studies Office as early as 8am during exam period). If the instructor approves your request, the dean will explain next steps. Deferred final exams for the fall term will be administered in January, at the end of the first week of classes, by the Registrar's Office. Your eventual final grade for the course will be joined on your transcript by an "X," which signifies that you deferred the final.

ILLNESS during an exam: If you become ill during an examination, inform the proctor, hand in the exam, and go directly to Health Services. If you've completed less than 40 minutes of a two-hour exam or less than one hour of a three-hour exam, you should qualify for a deferred exam (see above.) If you leave the exam more than 40 minutes into a two-hour exam or more than an hour into a three-hour exam, you'll be graded on the basis of the work you've completed to that point.

INCOMPLETES: Incompletes are to be given only in cases of illness, personal emergency, or other compelling circumstances. If you need to request an incomplete, and the instructor is amenable, pick up a copy of the incomplete form at the Registrar's Office, or online at the Registrar's site (https://barnard.edu/sites/default/files/incomp.frm_.fall16.pdf), and proceed from there. (Please note that incompletes apply only to coursework exclusive of the final examination. For information about deferring exams, see above.)

GRADES: Final grades are indeed final. Grades may be changed only in cases of clerical error or in the event that for some unusual reason the instructor needs to reevaluate the work of the entire class. Grades may not be recalculated on the basis of reexamination or the submission of additional or revised work.

ACADEMIC INTEGRITY: As you write papers or complete exams, whether in a proctored environment or in the comfort of your residence hall, keep the College's Honor Code in mind. Under pressure, it can sometimes be tempting to make a regrettable decision, such as using untrustworthy and undocumented sources, collaborating on an exam, not following proper citation methods on a paper, or claiming someone else's work as your own. Keep in mind that doing something that might violate the Honor Code is never, ever the way to respond to a difficult or pressured academic situation. There's always a better choice. Also, as members of a community of scholars, we must appreciate that truthfulness and integrity in the pursuit of knowledge are essential to the successful functioning of that community. While violating the Honor Code can have serious repercussions for individual students, it can also do real damage to the ties that hold us together as an academic community.

ACADEMIC PROBATION or SATISFACTORY ACADEMIC PROGRESS WARNING: Please be advised that if you are on academic probation or SAP warning, incompletes or deferrals may have an impact on your academic standing. To discuss your probationary status, please contact the Dean of Studies Office at 212-854-2024. For more information, see the Dean of Studies webpage: http://barnard.edu/dos/academic-advising/policies-procedures-academic-standing.

If anyone has any questions about any of these issues, please let us know, and we can help direct you to available resources and get you the help you need. I hope that while you're studying hard, you'll also be sure to get rest, take care of your health, and keep in mind that the break is just around the corner. Good luck with your exams and papers, and best wishes.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

First-Semester Grades -- where to find them and when

Where will I see my final grades when they're available?
Log into Student Planning via myBarnard.  Once they are available, your grades can be found in one of two places:

The Timeline tab in Student Planning -- the checks you currently see will be replaced by grades when available.  GPA for the semester will appear at the bottom:

Unofficial Transcript -- shows courses, credits, and grades for each semester; GPA each semester; cumulative GPA; and any non-Barnard credit (AP, IB, credit from other institutions)

When will I be able to see my grades?
If you completed your course evaluations, you should be able to see your  fall 2016 final grades beginning this Friday.  If a course is still in progress or the instructor has not yet turned in final grades, you won't see a grade yet.  

If you have not completed your course evaluations, you won't see your grade for 21 days after they are first posted.  Counting from this Friday, that would be January 6.  

In all cases, you will  not be able to see final grades until the instructor submits them for your entire class.  If you don't see a grade, no grades for that class have yet been submitted.  If you're in a large class with a lot of exams or papers to be graded, please be patient while your instructor is hard at work!   

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Resource: Additional Study Space Available

Looking for a place to study?

The Dean of Studies Office has you covered!

Study Rooms Available this week and next week:

December 13, 14, 15 8am-11pm - Barnard 117 and Barnard 118 (in Lefrak Library)

December 16-22 8am-11pm - Barnard 404 and Barnard 405.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Self-Care & Resources Reminder

The end of semester may bring a decrease in sleep and an increase in stress for many of us.  Many of us experience distressing life events that don't stop just because we're busy with schoolwork.  Some studies have shown that watching fish is relaxing and lowers your blood pressure.  In case that helps, please enjoy this video.  For times when that's not enough, there are resources on campus where you can find peers, professionals, and space to get some support.  Below are just a few examples:

Furman Counseling Center offers several forms of support for Barnard students:
  • Our counselors offer one-hour workshops throughout the year to help students develop personal skills in a variety of areas, such as maintaining balance, stress management, romantic well-being, and smart emotional living. Watch for announcements and flyers about these workshops on the FY Blog and in the residence halls.

Your class deans are available to meet with you by appointment and during walk-in hours.  Click this link to make an appointment or see when walk-ins are.  Need to see someone but can't find an available time that fits in your schedule?  Call the Dean of Studies office at 212-854-2024 any time 9-5, Monday through Friday.
  • Worried about a class? Confused about program filing?  Just need a friendly, nonjudgmental listener?  Have a question but aren't sure whom to ask?  We're here for all this and more.

Well Woman is the health promotion program and wellness center at Barnard College. Our mission is to promote the health and wellness of Barnard students through a variety of programming activities. Our philosophical approach to wellness focuses on an integration of body, mind and spirit, which moves us toward a more proactive, healthier existence. We use as our model the Wellness Wheel which includes physical, intellectual, occupational, emotional, social and spiritual, service and cultural dimensions which represent all aspects of human growth. The open center of the wellness wheel reflects the notion that each "spoke" impacts on the others and that we cannot be truly healthy if we neglect any aspect of the wheel. However, it is important to remember that gaining total wellness is a journey and a process that continues throughout life.

Your RA and Res Life staff are on site, trained, and ready to listen and support you.

Nightline is an anonymous, nonjudgmental peer listening hotline that primarily serves the Columbia/Barnard community and its affiliates by providing them with a listening and referral service. Staffed by committed, caring, and trained Columbia/Barnard undergraduates, Nightline offers a safe space for you to talk about anything that is on your mind. Operating by the mottos, "We are here to listen" and "We are here to get you through the night," Nightline is here to listen to anything you have to say; no problem is too big or too small.
  • Nightline is here to listen every night of the academic year from 10:00PM-3:00AM at (212) 854-7777.
  • Anonymous: All Nightline peer listeners, excluding the Directors of Nightline (who no longer take calls) are anonymous, and remain so during the entirety of their time at Barnard/Columbia. Callers also have the privilege of anonymity--listeners do not ask callers to identify themselves, nor do they have means to gather this information. The phones used by Nightline have no caller ID.
  • Nonjudgmental: No matter what you want to talk about, be it sexual orientation, depression, eating disorders, family, friends, or just stress, we are willing to listen and will never judge a caller on what you have to say. No problem is too big or too small.

Milestone: last day of classes of your first semester of college

It's hard to believe that it's already the last day of classes.  You've almost made it through your first semester of college, although it probably feels that the end is nowhere in sight as you contemplate everything that needs to be done in the next two weeks.  I hope that you'll remember to do a few things over the next two weeks in addition to studying:
  • Sleep!
  • Get some exercise.
  • Eat some veggies.
  • Take some slow, deep breaths.
  • Have some social time somewhere other than Butler Library.
  • Most importantly: be kind to yourself and your peers.
And remember that your performance on a final exam represents your performance on a final exam...no more, no less. For each one, study hard, do your best, and then move on. You're almost there!

More helpful tips -- and some relaxation exercises -- on the Furman Counseling Center website:  https://barnard.edu/counseling/resources/anxiety

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Deadline: Current registration period ends FRIDAY, 9:45 p.m.

Still need a FY Writing or FY Seminar class?

Forgot to sign up for a lab or discussion section?

Changed your mind about something you thought you wanted to take?

Still waitlisted for something and need to add a Plan B in case it doesn't work out?

Don't yet have 12 (minimum) or 15 (recommended) credits on your spring 2017 schedule?

You have until 9:45 p.m. this Friday to add and drop courses for spring 2017.

(The next add/drop periods will be Jan. 3 - 6, 2017; and Jan. 9 - 13, 2017.  Final registration will begin Jan. 17, 2017, the first day of classes for the spring semester)

You do not need to get your adviser's approval again to add and drop courses during this period, though of course please consult as needed for advice.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Opportunity: Join Barnard Student Life at National LGBTQ Task Force's Creating Change Conference

Barnard Student Life is taking up to four students to the National LGBTQ Task Force's Creating Change Conference from Jan. 18-22, 2017. Creating Change (www.creatingchange.org) is the pre-eminent political, leadership and skills-building conference for the LGBTQ social justice movement. Barnard Student Life will cover the cost of transportation to and from Philadelphia, a shared hotel room, student registration, and two group meals with staff. For more information or to apply, go to http://tinyurl.com/BarnardCC17

Inline image 2

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

UPDATE: required online form OPEN until Dec. 16 for Barnard French language classes

If you are planning on taking a Barnard French class*, in addition to registering online, you must also fill out the very brief form at https://french.barnard.edu/CLASSFORM:

This form is now open and will remain open until December 16.

*Not sure if your French class is a Barnard class?  It is if the course number begins with FREN-BC....

Monday, December 5, 2016

Opportunity: Barnard Summer Research Institute

An information session for students interested in doing scientific research with Barnard faculty members this summer will be held on Friday, December 9, from 12-1pm in the James Room.

This is a great opportunity for students to learn about:
  • faculty research 
  • the upcoming 2017 Summer Research Institute
  • how to locate a mentor and secure a summer position
Representatives from each department will speak briefly about their selection procedures. Refreshments will be served.

Opportunity: Apply to be a Resident Assistant (RA)

Applications to be a 2016-2017 RA are now available online

Students who wish to apply for be a Resident Assistant (RA) for the 2017-2018 academic year must attend one of the mandatory RA Application information sessions listed below in order for your application to be accepted:
  • Tues, Dec 6, 2016 7pm Sulz Tower, 17th Fl South
  • Wed, Dec 7, 2016 9pm Sulz Tower, 17th Fl South
  • Thurs, Dec 8, 2016 10am Diana Center, Rm 502
  • Fri, Dec 9, 2016 4pm Diana Center, Rm 502
  • Sun, Dec 11, 2016 6pm Sulz Tower, 17th Fl North
  • Tues, Dec 13, 2016 12:30pm Diana Center, Rm 504

For more information, please email RASelection@barnard.edu, call 212-854-5561, or visit the Residential Life & Housing Office at 110 Sulzberger.

DON'T WORRY if current-semester recitation section says "no longer available"

Several of you have let us know that some current, fall-semester recitation sections are now showing up as "no longer available" in Student Planning.  Don't worry about this! 

Since you don't receive separate credit or a separate grade for these sections, they are coded differently in they system, which is causing them to show up in this way, but you are still registered!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Opportunity: Athena Digital Design Classes

The Athena Digital Design Agency started here at Barnard a couple years ago with the mission of encouraging more women to learn to code. We are a student-run organization and offer free HTML/CSS and Javascript classes to current Barnard students. Students meet weekly for a 2-hour class. No coding experience is necessary to join our classes! 

After the completion of the HTML/CSS course, students are welcome to join our agency where they can take on web design jobs from clients. This is a great way to make some money on the side, improve their coding experience, and add something to their resume. 

Deadline for applications is December 23rd

I appreciate it if you could share this with your students!

Anna Wen
Barnard College 2017

MONDAY 12/5/16 = next opportunity to add/drop spring 2017 classes

Need to make changes to your spring 2017 schedule?

The next registration period begins Monday morning, 12/5/16.  Check myBarnard for your registration times.  

You do not need to get your adviser's approval again to add and drop courses during this period, though of course please consult as needed for advice.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Reminder: register for FY Writing or FY Seminar on MONDAY if you have not yet done so

If you were unable to register for a FY Seminar or FY Writing course during registration week, you will have another opportunity on Monday, Dec. 5, at your designated registration time.  Students who are currently registered for a FYS or FYW will be able to switch sections during this period as well.

Check the current registration numbers in the Directory of Classes so you can prepare to add one of the available sections as soon as possible:

FY Seminar Course Listings

**NOTE:  All FY Seminar sections are capped at 16, with the exception of Reacting to the Past, which is capped at 18.

FY Writing Course Listings:

Important notes about FY Writing Courses: 
  1. All FY Writing sections are capped at 15.  You may register for any section with fewer than 15 students for ENGL BC1210 (Women & Culture), ENGL BC1211 (Legacy of the Mediterranean), or ENGL BC1212 (The Americas).  
  2. If you are interested in ENGL BC1204 (First-Year Writing Workshop), you must follow special procedures.  See this previous blog post for more info about this special option and how to ask to join it.