Thursday, May 25, 2017

Important Information: New Barnard Email Accounts
By the end of this week, you should be receiving an email from Student Computing (also known as BCIT) with information on how to set up your new Barnard accounts.  If you don't recall the 7-digit Barnard College ID number you received from Admissions when completing your application, don't worry -- this number will be in your Student Computing welcome email.

If you already have your ID number, you can follow the account-setup directions at

You can find helpful info and answers to frequently asked questions on the Student Computing website. You'll also find contact info, in case you have additional questions about your new myBarnard account and/or your new Barnard email account.

Important Note: As with all of your email accounts, be wary of phishing emails that ask you for personal information. Remember that neither Barnard nor Columbia (nor, for that matter, any reputable business or organization) will ever ask you to provide your login, password or Social Security Number in an email. DO NOT REPLY to any mail that does ask for such personal information. If you have questions about any email that you receive which asks for such information, please email Student Computing.

Welcome, Class of 2021!

This message was sent by email today to all new students in the Class of 2021:

Hello! This is the first of so many messages that you’ll be receiving from the First-Year Class Dean's office over the next year, which will explain procedures that you need to follow, inform you of policies that you need to know, and remind you of upcoming deadlines that you need to meet. So whenever you see "Barnard First-Year" or “First-Year Class Dean” pop up in your inbox, please be sure to read the emails carefully to make sure that you’re informed and ready for what’s coming up next.

In this email you’ll find information about the following:

1) The Academic Guide to Your First Year at Barnard College, mailed to you next week;

2) A questionnaire you'll be filling out to help us match you with your academic adviser

3) The First-Year Blog;

4) Our wonderful Summer Programming Assistants; and

5) Dates for Family Weekend in the fall semester.

Read on for more details (after the jump):