Monday, June 5, 2017

"Barnard First-Year Deadlines" Google Calendar

Never miss a deadline!  Add "Barnard First-Year Deadlines" to your gBear calendar to stay on top of key administrative deadlines.  Please note all times indicated are Eastern Time.

To add "Barnard First-Year Deadlines" to your gBear calendar:

1. Log into myBarnard and open your gBear calendar.

2. On the left-hand sidebar, under "Other calendars," locate the "Add a coworker's calendar" box (you may need to click on the tiny arrow to the left of "Other calendars" to make this box appear.

3. Copy and paste this entire link into the box (this will only work in gBear; the calendar cannot be added to other gmail accounts) and press enter:

4. A calendar called "Barnard First-Year Deadlines should now appear under "Other calendars"

5. Hover your mouse over this and you will see a downward-pointing tiny arrow in a tiny box to the right of the text.

6. Click on the tiny arrow, and a menu of items will appear. From this menu, select "Edit notifications"

7. This page will enable you to create customized notifications and add "Barnard First-Year Deadlines to a smartphone." All items in this calendar will are formatted as all-day events, and the default setting is "no notification." Recommended setting: "By default, notify me via email 1 day before each all-day event at 9:00 a.m."  

8. After selecting your desired settings, don't forget to save!

NOTE: Dates and times come from the Barnard College Academic Calendar and the New Student Checklist.

Know a deadline that has changed, or something that should be in "Barnard First-Year Deadlines" but isn't?  We are still beta-testing this calendar, so please email if you have suggestions.