Wednesday, June 7, 2017

FAQ: Previous College Credits

First-year students with a record of prior coursework taken as non-matriculants at an accredited college in the United States may request up to 15 points of transfer credit. Such work will be evaluated after the student has completed 12 points at Barnard.

In order to be eligible for Barnard credit, the courses must be:
  • intended primarily for college students 
  • taught at the college by members of its faculty
  • in excess of the courses required for the high school diploma
Please note especially:  with the exception of AP, IB, and similar internationally-recognized examination-based credit (e.g. French baccalauréat, British A levels, etc.), courses taught in a high school, either by specially trained high school teachers or by college instructors, will not be credited toward the Barnard degree.

To receive credit, you must do the following:
  • Complete at least 12 credits at Barnard with a satisfactory record. As a first-semester student, you will need to wait until the start spring semester to request evaluation of previous credits. 
  • Request an official transcript of the course grade(s) to be sent directly from the previous college to Barnard’s Registrar, if you have not already done so. Note: Student copies of transcripts are not official. 
  • In the spring semester, visit the Registrar’s office at 107 Milbank to submit the appropriate form requesting evaluation of credit. The Registrar will then evaluate the coursework and determine whether credit may be granted. If approval for degree credit is granted for previous college courses, the grades for those courses will not appear on the Barnard transcript; the grades will, however, be considered in a student’s overall grade point average for purposes of computing graduation honors. 
Certain course credit may qualify to fulfill certain Barnard degree requirements. If you have specific questions regarding previous credits and Barnard degree requirements, consult the Registrar’s office.

Again, credit for college work completed prior to matriculation will not appear on your record until you have completed at least 12 points at Barnard College. The registrar will not accept or process the necessary forms until after you complete your first semesters, so while you can send transcripts now, otherwise don't worry about this until January!

Important Information: Academic Guide to Your First Year at Barnard College 2017-2018

We hope that many of you have now received your packet of information from the First-Year Class Dean's office, which includes the Academic Guide to Your First Year at Barnard College 2017-2018.

If you are still waiting to receive the Guide and want a chance to read over the information, you can access the contents of the Guide (in a printable .pdf file) in the righthand column of the First-Year Class Notes website.