Monday, June 12, 2017

Work Study FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Work Study

What is work study?
As a part of your financial aid package, you may have received a Federal Work Study (FWS) award or Barnard College Job (BCJ) award. This means there are funds set aside to help pay you for work during the academic year.

What office handles work study?
Work study is handled by two offices at Barnard – the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment Services. The Office of Financial Aid is in charge of the funds for work study. Student Employment Services helps students find jobs, submit paper work, and is in charge of payment.

Where can I work?
If you have FWS, you can work on Barnard's campus, Columbia's campus, or at a variety of off-campus not-for-profit agencies and institutions. With BCJ, you may only use these funds for an on-campus job.

How do I find a work study job?
You can search for both on- and off- campus jobs through BarnardWorks and NACElink. You can start applying for jobs as soon as you arrive on campus. The first few weeks of hiring on campus is known as the Priority Hiring Period. During this time, there is a policy of only hiring financial aid recipients for on-campus jobs. After this time period, anyone may apply for on-campus jobs, regardless of whether or not they were awarded FWS or BCJ.

Can I have more than one work study job?
You can have more than 1 job, but keep in mind that the amount awarded in your BCJ and FWS is intended to last through the whole academic year (September through May).

Can I earn more than I was awarded through FWS or BCJ?
You cannot work beyond your work awards. When your FWS and/or BCJ funds run low, you’ll receive a notification. You may request more funds to be added to your award from the Office of Financial Aid, but they cannot guarantee that additional funds will be added. If your FWS or BCJ funds run out, you must stop working immediately.

For more information on work study and financial aid, please visit the Office of Financial Aid's website and Student Employment Services's website.