Friday, November 16, 2018

Study Abroad in Ireland: Early Planning Meeting for First-Year Students is TODAY (11/16)

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First-Year students interested in studying abroad in Ireland during their sophomore or junior year are invited to attend today's (11/16) early planning session. 

Study Abroad in Ireland
Friday, November 16
1:00pm - 2:00 pm
Diana 502

Note: Representative is visiting Barnard from Ireland to outline program benefits and requirements and answer your questions.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Registration glitch FIXED (and appears to have affected both CU and BC students)

Good news! 
We have learned that the technical issue affecting online registration today has been fixed.  

Additional good news!
This glitch appears to have affected both Barnard and Columbia students, so we believe that Barnard students were not disadvantaged.

Registrar/BCIT working on issue causing some students to get error messages when registering today

If you are receiving an error message (such as but not limited to the ones pictured above) when attempting to register for classes, please know that the Registrar and BCIT are aware and are working to fix this ASAP.  Check again later to see if it is fixed, and we will post updates when available.

Note that this glitch appears to be affecting both Barnard and Columbia students, so we believe that Barnard students are not being disadvantaged.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Deadline to withdraw from a course: Thursday, 11/15 4:30 pm -- requires signature!

The deadline to withdraw from a course is Thursday 11/15 at 4:30 p.m. You need your adviser's signature on a withdrawal form in order to withdraw from a course.

To withdraw from a course:
  1. Make an appointment to meet with your adviser.
  2. Pick up a withdrawal form (same as the drop form) from the Registrar's office (107 Milbank), Complete the form, meet with your adviser to discuss and obtain their signature.
  3. Submit the signed form to the Registrar's office before they close at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 15. The course will remain on your transcript with a "W" next to the number of credits, indicating that you officially withdrew from the course midway through the semester.
Remember that all students are expected to complete at least 12 points of credit per semester; 
if you have extenuating circumstances and believe you need to drop below 12 credits by withdrawing from a course, you must see the Office of Disability Services for special permission, which is given only under extraordinary circumstances.

Considering staying in a challenging course?  Don't forget to check out the helpful resources at


I tried to withdraw from a class by clicking "drop" on Student Planning, but nothing happened!
A:  See directions above -- you must meet with an adviser and submit an actual paper form (welcome to the 20th Century!) to the Registrar's office.

I withdrew from a course following the proper procedures, but it is still on my schedule in Student Planning.
A:  Don't worry!  If you look on Timeline or your Unofficial Transcript, you will see a W next to the withdrawn course.

Pass/D/Fail Deadline -- Thursday Nov. 15, 11:00 p.m.

If you want to declare the Pass/D/Fail option for a fall 2018 course, the deadline to declare is Thursday 11/15 at 11:00 p.m. through myBarnard.


How does P/D/F work exactly?
This is a transaction between you, the computer, and the registrar.  You do not need to discuss it with your instructor.  If you elect this option, your professor will continue to grade your work like any other students and submit a final grade for you for the course.  The grade must be a “C-” or higher to earn a “P”

Am I allowed to take a particular class P/D/F?

How do I elect to take a class P/D/F?
You do not need your adviser's approval to select the P/D/F option, but it would be a good idea to discuss the matter with your adviser or class dean to ensure that you have thought through the decision.  Log into myBarnard and follow these directions to elect the P/D/F option.

I tried to click on P/D/F Option online as directed, but nothing happened!
This is most likely because you are using Safari as your web browser.  Try Chrome or Firefox or something else.  If the problem persists, contact Student Computing.

What is this "uncovering" I keep hearing about, and how/when/why would I do that?
If you elect the P/D/F option by the deadline, you will have the opportunity*, at the beginning of next semester, to log into myBarnard, click on the "Pass/D/Fail Option" link in Web Adviser, and peek at what grade you would have earned had you taken the class for a letter grade.  If you like that grade, you may opt to "uncover" it and revert to letter-graded status.  If you do nothing, the grade will remain in P/D/F status.  The deadline to uncover a grade of P is the registration deadline at the beginning of the following semester.

Monday, November 12, 2018

SP2019 First-Year Seminar Course Descriptions Available Here!

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Please click here to view detailed course description for spring 2019 first-year seminar sections. 

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Tips and Tricks to Register Successfully!

Registration for Spring 2019 starts next week! 

PLAN:  Student Planning is open for planning your spring 2019 class schedule.

CLASSES:  We are continually adding new classes to myBarnard / Student Planning.  If you can't find a class you plan to register for, email us the course number at

ADVISING:  Your adviser must "Grant Permission for you to Register."

REGISTRATION TIMES:  Look up your registration appointment times in myBarnard (Academics tab, myAcademicRecord channel).  Your next available registration time is also visible in Student Planning.

REGISTER:  Monday, November 12 - Friday, November 16  
-in myBarnard, Web Advisor / Student Planning link
-After November 16, late fees apply.

GEN ED:  Want to know if a course satisfies a Gen Ed requirement?  Here's the list:
- For Foundations:  

SPECIAL COURSES:  How do you register for a "special" course (e.g. voice lessons, P.E., graduate courses at Columbia, etc.)?

WAITLISTS:  You can join a max of 3 waitlists at a time.  

HELP:  Email

Barnard Computer Science Majors - This one is for you!

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Dear Barnard Computer Science majors! 

Please join Dean Friedman and the CS advisors from Columbia for an informal advising gathering next week. (Yes, we know it's happening during Registration week and not before, but with Fall Break, it was too difficult to plan and schedule it. We still think it will be helpful to meet during Registration, as you will have additional time in December to make changes to your schedule).

WHAT? Coffee Break and low-key advising
WHEN? Tuesday, November 13th, 5-6:30pm
WHERE? Barnard College, Milbank Hall 105 (Dean of the College/Dean of Studies suite of offices)

Refreshments will be served! Please RSVP to Mary Champion at so we know how much food to buy.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Learn more about Barnard/SEAS 4+1 Pathway

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Interested in the newly launched Barnard/SEAS 4+1 Pathway? Come hear information from SEAS Graduate Admissions regarding eligibility requirements, application deadlines, and timelines for enrollment. The initial Barnard/SEAS 4+1 pathways will include Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. Students are encouraged to attend to gain insight to the application and selection process. Register here

*New Blog Alert* Follow the Student Success Blog...

Follow the Student Success Blog, a blog intended for the First-Generation/Low-Income populations at Barnard.

Be featured on our blog! Complete the Student Spotlight form to be featured in one of our weekly posts!

Upcoming events:
  • First Gen Focus Group Nov. 1st, 12pm-1:30pm, Mehler Parlor (1st floor Elliot Hall)
  • First Gen Awareness Day Nov 8th, 12pm-2:30pm, Sulzberger Parlor (3rd floor, Barnard Hall)

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

SVR is seeking volunteers!

SVR is seeking volunteers!

Applications for the next volunteer training, starting in January 2019, are due on Monday, October 29th at 5pm.

We are looking for two different types of volunteers:


Peer Advocates are students of all identities who are committed to responding to students impacted by sexual or intimate partner violence. Peer Advocates are available to provide crisis support to any student who wishes to speak with a peer. Peer Advocates also attend campus events to offer support to students affected by the subject matter.

Apply online:

Peer Educators are students of all identities who are committed to preventing sexual and intimate partner violence and educating their peers about healthy relationships and sexuality. Peer Educators provide the campus community with information about sexual violence and relationship abuse, campus services available for survivors and co-survivors, positive ways to communicate about sex, social and cultural norms that can contribute to violence, and ways in which we can get involved to create a safe and supportive environment where sexual violence is not tolerated.

Apply online:
All volunteer candidates participate in 40 hours of training, as well as continuing education to gain an in-depth understanding of sexual and intimate partner violence, and build effective advocacy skills in response to disclosures of violence.

Learn more about the different volunteer opportunities on SVR's website:

Questions? Email

History Department Prospective Majors Party!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Radcliffe Camera is pictured on September 20, 2016 in Oxford, England.

Dr. George Southcombe, Lecturer in History at Wadham College, Oxford and Director of the Sarah Lawrence program, will present on Oxford's history, its unique system of education, and why it is so well suited to an American liberal arts student.  The Barnard process for applying to Oxford Colleges will also be explained. 

Join us for First-Generation Awareness Day!

First Gen Awareness Day_final.png

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Opportunity to join the Council on Diversity and Inclusion

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The Council on Diversity and Inclusion (CDI)  is seeking four student representatives for the 2018-2019 academic year. Barnard’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is at the core of who we are. Our exceptional community is impossible without the unique perspectives, ideas, approaches, and contributions that come from having the broadest diversity of students, faculty, and staff.

CDI is a standing committee appointed by the President and comprised of students, faculty, staff, alumnae and trustees who are responsible for setting goals and developing programs that promote the College’s mission to be diverse, inclusive and equitable community possible.

Barnard’s CDI serves to expand dialogue about diversity, inclusion, and equity to include the entire Barnard community of students, faculty, staff, and alumnae; promote and coordinate campus-wide participation in the College’s diversity and inclusion efforts; and advise Barnard’s senior leadership and Board of Trustees on ongoing and new initiatives that will create a more diverse and inclusive campus community.

CDI is made up of a chair, students, faculty members, exempt staff, non-exempt staff, alumnae, trustees and an ex officio member from the President's staff.   Under the leadership of chair, Professor Yvette Christianse, the CDI will focus on:
  • Expanding the dialogue about diversity, inclusion and equity
  • Creating a structure for reviewing proposals from the community
  • Organizing campus-wide events

Student Membership:
  • Student leaders must be committed to advance Barnard’s diversity and inclusion mission
  • Students should be confident in representing the student perspective and advocating on behalf of the student body
  • Students will be charged with supporting the strategy and creation of diverse programs and initiatives to encourage rich conversations and impactful dialogue
  • Students should graciously and respectfully contribute to the leadership of diverse and inclusive processes and help to lead in organizational diversity processes

To apply for the 2018-2019 academic year, please complete the form by 12am on October 15, 2018

First Gen Fall Dinner Meetup

RSVP here

FG Fall Din Meetup (1).png

RSVP here

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Resource Reminder

Resource Reminder

Many members of our community may be having a difficult time these days with everything in the news cycle, combined with personal and academic stressors.  We know that you don't stop having feelings just because you're busy with schoolwork, and we want to remind you of the many  resources on campus where you can find peers, professionals, and space to get some support.  Below are just a few examples:

Furman Counseling Center offers several forms of support for Barnard students:
  • Our counselors offer one-hour workshops throughout the year to help students develop personal skills in a variety of areas, such as maintaining balance, stress management, romantic well-being, and smart emotional living. Watch for announcements and flyers about these workshops on the FY Blog and in the residence halls.

Your class deans are available to meet with you by appointment and during walk-in hours.  Click this link to make an appointment or see when walk-ins are.  Need to see someone but can't find an available time that fits in your schedule?  Call the Dean of Studies office at 212-854-2024 any time 9-5, Monday through Friday.

  • Worried about a class? Confused about registration?  Just need a friendly, nonjudgmental listener?  Have a question but aren't sure whom to ask?  We're here for all this and more.

Well Woman is the health promotion program and wellness center at Barnard College. Our mission is to promote the health and wellness of Barnard students through a variety of programming activities. Our philosophical approach to wellness focuses on an integration of body, mind and spirit, which moves us toward a more proactive, healthier existence. We use as our model the Wellness Wheel which includes physical, intellectual, occupational, emotional, social and spiritual, service and cultural dimensions which represent all aspects of human growth. The open center of the wellness wheel reflects the notion that each "spoke" impacts on the others and that we cannot be truly healthy if we neglect any aspect of the wheel. However, it is important to remember that gaining total wellness is a journey and a process that continues throughout life.

Your RA and Res Life staff are on site, trained, and ready to listen and support you.

    Being Barnard logo

    Being Barnard's mission is to provide a holistic approach to sexual violence prevention through campus wide campaigns, educational programming, one on one health consultation services, community building, outreach, advocacy, and intervention. Sexual assault and interpersonal violence affect students of all genders, identities, and backgrounds and are widely recognized to not be isolated issues but part of a much larger societal picture. As such, it is our hope that by addressing a multitude of interwoven topics such as healthy relationships and sexuality, affirmative consent, personal boundaries, self care, bystander intervention, and social identities & power that we may help reduce and, one day, eliminate sexual
    assault and violence from our campus and global communities.

    Contact:  Want to know how to get involved? General questions and inquiries about the initiative can be directed to the Being Barnard office -!

    Title IX and Equity Resources

    If you are a survivor of sexual assault or other physical violence, please click on the link below for a list of the resources available to you at Barnard:
    Title IX and Equity Resources

    105 Hewitt 212-854-HELP (4357)

    The Rape Crisis /Anti-Violence Support Center (also referred to as the RCC or Center) provides peer and professional advocacy and education to the entire University student community. If you are a survivor of sexual assault and would like to talk to someone immediately, call 212-854-HELP to speak to someone and/or schedule a time to meet. Advocates assist survivors by accompanying them to the hospital, health services, the police, public safety, court, campus disciplinary proceedings and other resources. They also help survivors make informed decisions about reporting and disciplinary options. Advocates receive a minimum of 50 hours of training and are supervised by Columbia and Barnard counseling clinicians.

    Learn more about sexual violence resources through men's peer education, RCC peer educators, and other advocacy/outreach services.

    Nightline is an anonymous, nonjudgmental peer listening hotline that primarily serves the Columbia/Barnard community and its affiliates by providing them with a listening and referral service. Staffed by committed, caring, and trained Columbia/Barnard undergraduates, Nightline offers a safe space for you to talk about anything that is on your mind. Operating by the mottos, "We are here to listen" and "We are here to get you through the night," Nightline is here to listen to anything you have to say; no problem is too big or too small.
    • Nightline is here to listen every night of the academic year from 10:00PM-3:00AM at (212) 854-7777.
    • Anonymous: All Nightline peer listeners, excluding the Directors of Nightline (who no longer take calls) are anonymous, and remain so during the entirety of their time at Barnard/Columbia. Callers also have the privilege of anonymity--listeners do not ask callers to identify themselves, nor do they have means to gather this information. The phones used by Nightline have no caller ID.
    • Nonjudgmental: No matter what you want to talk about, be it sexual orientation, depression, eating disorders, family, friends, or just stress, we are willing to listen and will never judge a caller on what you have to say. No problem is too big or too small.