Monday, November 20, 2017

Econ Help Room closing for Winter Break after Monday

The Economics Help Room will be open for its usual hours on Monday, November 20 from 7-9 pm, and then we will close for the Thanksgiving break. We will re-open on Monday, November 27. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

What to do if you missed Friday's Registration/Adviser Permission Deadline or need to make changes to your spring 2018 schedule

If you missed Friday's deadline to receive adviser permission and register for classes, don't panic.  You are late, but it is not too late to do something about this.

What to do in some common scenarios:

1.  If you have not received your adviser's permission to register and are therefore not registered for any classes, please contact and meet with your adviser ASAP to discuss course selection and obtain your adviser's permission to register online. Once you get this permission, you'll be able to register when the next registration/add/drop period begins on Monday, December 4.

2.  If you are registered but are not in the minimum 12 credits due to waitlists or other issues, we hope you will be admitted from waitlists in the near future.  If you're still not in 12 credits when the next add/drop period begins on Monday, December 4, you may wish to add a "plan B" option then.

3.  If you registered on time but want/need to make changes to your schedule (add, drop, join new waiting lists, etc.), don't worry!  It's not too late at all!  All students who have adviser permission to register may add/drop courses during upcoming add/drop periods and during the beginning-of-semester "shopping period."

3.  If you registered on time but want/need to make changes to your FY Writing or FY Seminar registration, you may do so during upcoming add/drop periods, but you may not change FYW/FYS sections once the semester begins.  If you're having trouble finding sections with space, please visit the FY Dean.

And it's never too late to add First-Year Deadlines to your gBear Calendar and set up reminders so you never miss another deadline!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Spring registration deadline: 9:45 p.m. TONIGHT, Friday 11/17/17

Online registration ENDS at 9:45 p.m. tonight -- be sure you are registered (green) for at least 12 credits by that point to avoid possible late fees.

You will still have additional opportunities to adjust your schedule during upcoming add/drop periods in December and early January, and then again during the "shopping period" during the first two weeks of next semester. 

When can you make changes to your schedule?  Find out in one of several ways:

Thursday, November 16, 2017

FY Writing or FY Seminars full? Try again later today, or tomorrow

Students who may have double-registered for FYS/FYW classes are now dropping extra sections as directed.  Some who were having technical difficulties are getting help from the registrar to drop extra sections.  

This means that more space is becoming available in these classes, so please check again later today or tomorrow if you weren't able to get into one during your registration time.  

Still can't find one?  Come visit FY Dean Walk-In Hours Friday 12:30-1-15.

IMPORTANT: Please drop "extra" sections of FY Seminar or FY Writing ASAP

As a reminder, students may not register for more than one section of FY Seminar or FY Writing.  You may "plan" (yellow) more than one FYS/FYW course, but you may not be registered (green) for more than one.There is simply not enough space to allow this, and it harms your fellow students by making them unable to register for a required course.  

If you are registered for more than one FY Seminar or FY Writing course, please immediately drop all but one.  

If you are trying to drop an extra FYS or FYW class and receive an error message, please contact or visit the Registrar ASAP.

If you are still registered for multiple sections of FY Seminar or FY Writing on Friday, Nov. 17 at 12 noon, the registrar will arbitrarily drop all but one from your schedule -- take care of this yourself ASAP if you want to have a choice in this matter.  

REPOST: Registration Week Nov. 13-17: Register during your assigned time, beginning on THURSDAY for first-year students

As a reminder, you need to meet with your adviser sometime before your first assigned registration time this week.  You are already able to plan courses, but you will not be able to register unless/until your adviser approves you for registration, and this can only happen once you have had an advising meeting.

Haven't met with your adviser yet?  Contact him/her ASAP to set up an appointment.

To register for spring courses this week:

  • Be sure you have met with your adviser*, and that he/she has granted you permission to register.  
    • *Can't reach your adviser?  Deans can help!  Check the "meet the deans" website for appointments and walk-in times.
  • Be sure you have planned (yellow) your preferred Spring 2018 courses in myBarnard/Student Planning so they'll be ready to go when your registration time begins.
  • Log into myBarnard and find your registration times (Academics tab --> My Registration Times link on righthand side).  
  • Log into Student Planning via myBarnard as soon as your first registration time begins on Thursday, and no later than the end of your last registration time on Friday, Nov. 17, and click the blue "REGISTER" button on the upper right.  
  • Unless a course has note informing you of special registration procedures (application, writing sample, audition, must attend first class to confirm, etc.), you will be actually registered for any course that shows up in green on your schedule.
  • Many courses will initially waitlist all students (e.g. Organic Chemistry I, Bio 1502). If you aren't able to add a class, add yourself to the waiting list and/or select a "plan B" option.
  • NOTEYou must be fully registered (green) for at least 12 credits by the end of this week, or you will be charged late fees.  There will be additional add/drop times in the coming weeks and months, along with a final "shopping" period at the beginning of the spring semester, when you will again consult with your adviser before finalizing your schedule.
Questions?  Meet with your adviser or a dean.  

REPOST: Deadline to Withdraw from a Class (requires signature!) -- THURSDAY , 4:30 p.m.

The deadline to withdraw from a course is Thursday 11/16 at 4:30 p.m. You need your adviser's signature on a withdrawal form in order to withdraw from a course.

To withdraw from a course:
  1. Make an appointment to meet with your adviser.
  2. Pick up a withdrawal form (same as the drop form) from the Registrar's office (107 Milbank), Complete the form, meet with your adviser to discuss and obtain their signature.
  3. Submit the signed form to the Registrar's office before they close at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 16. The course will remain on your transcript with a "W" next to the number of credits, indicating that you officially withdrew from the course midway through the semester.

Remember that all students are expected to complete at least 12 points of credit per semester; if you have extenuating circumstances and believe you need to drop below 12 credits by withdrawing from a course, you must see the Office of Disability Services for special permission, which is given only under extraordinary circumstances.

Considering staying in a challenging course?  Don't forget to check out the helpful resources at


I tried to withdraw from a class by clicking "drop" on Student Planning, but nothing happened!
A:  See directions above -- you must meet with an adviser and submit an actual paper form (welcome to the 20th Century!) to the Registrar's office.D

I withdrew from a course following the proper procedures, but it is still on my schedule and timeline in Student Planning
A:  Don't worry!  A student will not see the W (which is a final grade) until grades are in for this semester.  But if the course is gone from Courseworks, you have successfully withdrawn from it.

REPOST: P/D/F Deadline THURSDAY 11:30 p.m. (online)

If you want to declare the Pass/D/Fail option for a fall 2017 course, the deadline to declare  is Thursday 11/16 at 11:30 p.m. through myBarnard.


What is P/D/F exactly?
This is a transaction between you, the computer, and the registrar.  You do not need to discuss it with your instructor.  If you elect this option, your professor will continue to grade your work like any other students and submit a final grade for you for the course.  The grade must be a “C-” or higher to earn a “P”

Am I allowed to take a particular class P/D/F?
You can find the rules governing the pass/d/fail option, as well as instructions for utilizing it, here on the Registrar's website.

How do I elect to take a class P/D/F?
You do not need your adviser's approval to select the P/D/F option, but it would be a good idea to discuss the matter with your adviser or class dean to ensure that you have thought through the decision.  Log into myBarnard and follow these directions to elect the P/D/F option.

I tried to click on P/D/F Option online as directed, but nothing happened!
This is most likely because you are using Safari as your web browser.  Try Chrome or Firefox or something else.  If the problem persists, contact Student Computing.

What is this "uncovering" I keep hearing about, and how/when/why would I do that?
If you elect the P/D/F option by the deadline, you will have the opportunity, at the beginning of next semester, to log into myBarnard, click on the "Pass/D/Fail Option" link in Web Adviser, and peek at what grade you would have earned had you taken the class for a letter grade.  If you like that grade, you may opt to "uncover" it and revert to letter-graded status.  If you do nothing, the grade will remain in P/D/F status.  The deadline to uncover a grade of P is the registration deadline at the beginning of the following semester.

Computer Science Coffee Hour - Thurs Nov. 16, 5:30pm, Milbank 105

Barnard Computer Science Majors and Possible Majors are invited to a Coffee Hour co-hosted by Dean of Studies Natalie Friedman and the three Barnard-focused advisers from CS: Professors Martha Kim, Daniel Hsu, and Alexandr Andoni.  We will be discussing planning for future semesters, and giving you the opportunity to ask questions or raise concerns.

Refreshments will be served!

When: Thursday, November 16th, 5:30-6:30pm
Where: Barnard's Milbank Hall, Room 105

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

REPOST: Departmental Program Planning Meetings

Want to explore a possible major?
Interested in meeting faculty and fellow students who share your interests?
Just not sure where to start in a subject that interests you?

Departmental Program Planning Meetings are here to help!

For date/time/location:
  1. Log into myBarnard and then
  2. Click on this link for a Google Sheet with all the info you need

As of 11/14/2017, the departments listed below have upcoming meetings, but more are being added all the time, so please keep checking!  
  • Africana Studies, American Studies and WGSS Open House
  • Computer Science Coffee Hour
  • Economics
  • Education Program
  • English
  • French
  • Neuroscience & Behavior
  • Spanish and Latin American Cultures

REPOST: How to View Your Position on a Waiting List

Reminder: when registration begins, you may be initially waitlisted for some classes -- don't panic! Faculty are managing these waiting lists and letting students in as quickly as possible.

To view your position on a waitlist for a course, you’ll need to log into SSOL (Student Services Online) using your Columbia UNI and password.

Once you log into SSOL, click on the “Registration” link on the home screen under the Academic Records section of the Your Data tab.

From there, click the “Continue with Spring 2018 Registration” button on the following screen.

You will be taken to a screen with both classes you are currently registered for and classes you are on the waitlist for. On SSOL, classes under the “Spring 2018 classes” refer to classes you are registered for and classes under the “Spring 2018 Wish List” refer to classes you’re on the waitlist for.

When you’re on the waitlist for a class, SSOL will tell you either your position on the waitlist or it will say “Pending Approval”.

If a class gives you your position on the waitlist, this indicates that the waitlist is automatic. This means that the waitlist for the class is managed by the online registration services. If a person drops the class, the student who is in position 1 on the waitlist will automatically be added to the class.

If a course says “Pending Approval” under the waitlist, this means that the professor for the course is self-managing the waiting list. Rather than students automatically getting into the class from the waitlist, the professor is individually reviewing students for admittance to the class.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Opportunity: *New* FY Seminar course with special focus on improving writing skills

This Spring, there is a new section of First-Year Seminar -- FYSB-BC1107: Race, Science, and Reproductive Justice -- designed for students who would like an opportunity to focus more intensively on their writing skills. In addition to regular class meetings twice per week (when the class will discuss materials related to the course topic), students will participate in a one-credit "writing lab" that will meet six times over the course of the semester. Each lab will focus on a particular writing or revision skill connected to the three major writing assignments students complete in the course. Writing Labs will meet on the following Fridays, 11:40am-12:55pm: 1/26, 2/2, 2/16, 2/23, 3/30, and 4/20. Students will receive instructions about how to add this one-credit writing lab to your course schedules on or before the first class meeting on January 16, 2018.

No special permission is required to enroll -- any student currently taking a Fall 2017 First-Year Writing or First-Year Writing Workshop course is welcome.

See the full course description below for more details about the theme. If you have any questions about the course, please email Professor Lie at

FYSB-BC1107: Race, Science, and Reproductive Justice
Tues/Thurs, 11:40am-12:55pm

This course is about reproduction -- a biological and social process that is often the target of deep-seated ideas about nation, culture, conflict, and definitions of the “human." Looking at the relationships between reproduction, science, health, and identity formation, we will explore a variety of literary works, films, journalism, public health studies, and policy/legal texts, all of which differently narrate, debate, script, and theorize about reproduction. Questions we will explore include: what is reproduction -- scientifically, culturally, politically, and rhetorically? How do different historical and geopolitical contexts shape our understandings and management of reproduction, from ancient Egyptians who used pebbles as IUDs, to in-vitro fertilization and so-called “DIY” abortions, to population and development projects all over the world? How do long histories of reproductive violence shape modern definitions of reproductive health and justice, and what is the role of recent medical/technological/pharmaceutical developments in (re)configuring radically disparate reproductive experiences? Our conversations will both reveal and challenge the way we understand reproduction and the contradictory meanings associated with it.

Neuroscience and Behavior Program Planning, Wed, 11/15, 3-4 PM, 415 Milbank

Friday, November 10, 2017

Looking for an extra credit or two: here are some ways you might find one

Reminder: we recommend that you enroll in an average of 15 credits each semester

  1. To be on track for on-time graduation having completed 122 credits in 8 semesters (15.25 x 8 = 122).
  2. To keep some flexibility in case something goes badly awry during the semester.  All students must complete a minimum of 12 credits every semester, so if you're in 15 credits, you can drop something if you have to without falling below the minimum.


If you're having trouble getting up to 15 and are looking for a 1-2-credit course to add during the next add/drop window or later, here are some options and tips.  Know of something that's not on here?  Email, and we'll add it!

1-2 credit course options:

1.  Fulfill your PE requirement if you haven't yet -- register (or waitlist if need be) online and be sure to attend the first class meeting.  You may earn one additional PE credit beyond the requirement if there is room in a PE class and you want to take a second one.  PE courses will initially appear in your myBarnard program as 0 credits and will then be transformed to 1 credit (if you are eligible) after the final registration deadline.  

2.  Take a dance class
Dance classes will will initially appear in your myBarnard program as 0 credits and will then be transformed to 1 credit (if you are eligible) after the final program filing deadline.  

3.  Depending on your background and interests, below are some popular ways to enrich your academic experience while also adding a credit or two.  Some may be full when you attempt to register, but you may be able to join a waiting list.  Be sure to check course descriptions for prerequisites or special registration procedures!

4. Search the Columbia Directory of Classes for current-semester courses that contain the keyword "Points: 1" or "Points: 2" (single space between the colon and the number).  You'll have to scroll through a lot of things that may not help you, like labs for courses you're not taking, or supervised senior research if you're a first-year, but this will give you the most comprehensive listing -- make sure anything you're interested in is offered in the current semester, is appropriate for undergrads, and allows Barnard students:

Thursday, November 9, 2017

REPOST: Registration Videos (and Written Guide)

Remember this chart-topping post from the summer?


you’re welcome.

*Note: the videos may refer to summer registration and have screenshots from the previous version of Student Planning, but we know you're smart and can figure out what to do from there.

For all you bookworms and learners geared towards reading, here’s the written guide (updated with new screenshots and during-the-year-registration specificity).
For those of you who are more auditory and visual learners, here are video tutorials. Each video corresponds to a section of the guide, so if you read the guide and you’re confused, you can watch the video for the section and vice versa.

How to Access Student Planning:

How to View Registration Appointments:

How to Find Courses in Student Planning:

How to Add Courses to Your Schedule in Student Planning:

How to Register for Courses During the Preregistration Period in Student Planning:

How to Drop a Course in Student Planning:

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

IMPORTANT: Special Registration Procedure for Barnard French Language Classes

If you are planning on taking a Barnard French class*, in addition to registering online, you must also fill out the very brief form at

*Not sure if your French class is a Barnard class?  It is if the course number begins with FREN-BC....  Find them all in the Directory of Classes by looking at Department --> French@Barnard --> Spring 2018.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Advising Period for Spring 2017: now through Nov. 15

Welcome back from Fall Break!  Have you met with your adviser for Spring 2018 registration advising? 

All students who want to register for spring 2018 classes need to meet with their academic adviser sometime before their first online registration appointment.  Don't delay -- contact your adviser today!

As first-year students, you may begin registering online at your assigned registration time on Thursday, November 16 as long as you have met with your adviser and secured their approval by then.  You can find your registration time on myBarnard

Friday, November 3, 2017

Course Listings UPDATE: Columbia courses now in Student Planning

Good news!  Thanks to our tireless friends in Registrar and BCIT, many Columbia classes are now available to view and plan in myBarnard/Student Planning.  A few more may be added next week, so check again after fall break if you're not seeing something you expect to find.

FY Seminar Courses now all in CU Directory of Classes

More good news!

All Spring 2018 Barnard First-Year Seminar courses are now in the Columbia Directory of Classes, under  First-Year Seminar Program @Barnard Spring 2018.  Click on an individual class's section number to see its course description, with two exceptions.  Some kind of glitch is interrupting the display of two course descriptions, so here those are:

Brian Mailloux

Sustainability is being hailed as the solution that is going to link activists, citizens, and corporations to solve the world’s environmental problems.  However, there are many ways to define the term and assess the longterm effects of so-called "sustainable" measures.  In this course, we will examine current and historical writings about human interactions with the environment in order to understand and identify our most profound environmental challenges and the most appropriate responses.  Responding critically to the ideas of the past, we will also ask how our views have changed over time and what it might take to tackle the current large scale environmental issues facing society.  Projects for the course include a critical essay, a political opinion piece, and a survey of environmental attitudes which is informed by the data studied and collected in class.

The American Middle Class
Michelle Smith

The focus on the “middle class” in American politics is not new.  Indeed, the size and (seeming) success of the American middle class has long been treated as a mark of American exceptionalism. Why is the “middle class” so important in American politics? What does its much-reported decline mean? What, for that matter, is the middle class—a subdivision of American income? Personal rank? Status? If the middle class is such an important site of economic, social and political aspiration, why is it also so often a site for scathing criticism and cutting satire about the challenges of modern (suburban) life? What do we think about when we think about the middle class?

Deadline Approaching: Student/Alumnae Thanksgiving Program

Hey Barnard students! Planing on spending Thanksgiving in NYC? Why not have Thanksgiving Dinner wit h a Barnard Alum?? If this opportunity interests you, then you should definitely participate in SGA & Alumnae Relations' annual Student-Alumnae Thanksgiving Program!

Please fill out this Google form by Monday, November 6th to secure yourself a spot. Questions? Contact SGA's Vice-President of Campus Life, Aku Acquaye, at

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Make sure you're registering correctly for science-with-lab courses!

Many of you have been asking questions about fulfilling the Foundations science requirement.  Here is some more information.

As a reminder, all members of the class of 2021 must take two semesters of science:
  • One semester of a science with a lab
  • One semester of a science course that need not be accompanied by lab*
*Note: These two classes do not need to be taken in sequence or even in the same department. However, be sure you have fulfilled necessary prerequisites (check course descriptions) and, if you are considering a science major or a pre-health track, you should follow advice from the relevant departments, deans, and advisers.

If you are trying to fulfill the science-with-a-lab portion of this requirement this spring, or if you took a lab science in fall and want to go one, some common ways of doing this (and how to make sure you're properly registered for all parts of the course) are listed after the break:

Fall Break Schedule for Barnard Dining Services

Around for fall break and want to eat food?

Dining Services has you covered!

Hewitt Cafeteria will be closed Sat, 11/4 - Tue, 11/7 for Fall Break.

The Diana Center Cafe (2nd floor) will be open on the following days & times (and will accept meal swipes):
Saturday, 11/4
Sunday, 11/5
Monday, 11/6
Tuesday, 11/7
Brunch -- 11:30am-3pm
Dinner -- 5-7pm

Liz's Place will close Friday, 11/3 at 3pm and reopen on Monday, 11/6 at 8am.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Some columbia courses not yet available via myBarnard/Student Planning

Many Spring 2018 courses are now online in the Columbia University Directory of Classes.  Some are still being updated, so keep checking!

If you're looking for Spring 2018 Barnard classes, most of them are available in both the Columbia Directory of Classes and myBarnard/Student Planning.

If you're looking for Spring 2018 Columbia classes, most of them are in the CU Directory of Classes but not yet in myBarnard/Student Planning.  You should be able to view and plan them in Student Planning by Friday, Nov. 10.  

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

More info on Spring 2018 First-Year Seminar Options

Looking for descriptions of Spring 2018 First-Year Seminar courses?  A full list of classes is available in myBarnard/Student Planning:  filter for First-Year Seminar and Spring 2018.  About half of the Spring 2018 FYS courses are currently listed under First-Year Seminar@Barnard in the CU Directory of Classes (click on an individual section number for its course description), and we hope the rest will be appearing soon.

And here they are below:

NOTE:  Some FY Seminar courses have similar themes/titles to FY Writing Courses (e.g. Legacy of the Mediterranean II) -- be sure you're looking at the type of course you think you are!

Reminder of Registration Procedures:
  • If you're taking FY Writing this semester, register for FY Seminar in Spring.
  • If you're taking FY Seminar this semester, register for FY Writing in Spring.
  • Prepare yourself with a list of several options that interest you and fit around any other commitments you know about. 
  • Add these options to your plan in Student Planning now.
  • Register during your earliest opportunity during Registration Week (be sure you have met with your adviser and been approved to register).
  • FY Writing & Seminar will not take waiting lists -- if a class is full, add a different one. If you really want it, keep checking to see if you can add it later.
  • Do not register for more than one section -- there are not enough spaces to accommodate this kind of "shopping." If you are lucky enough to get into more than one "planned" course, you must drop all but the one you plan to take.
  • You will be able to make changes to your FYW/FYS during registration week and future add/drop periods but 
  • Once classes begin in January, you cannot change your FYW/FYS class.

More info on registering for First-Year Writing for Spring 2018

Looking for descriptions of Spring 2018 First-Year Writing courses? 

Look in the Directory of Classes under Department: English@Barnard for 1000-level classes with "FY Writing" in the title.  Click on the section number of the course you want to see the course description.

Reminder of Registration Procedures:
  • If you're taking FY Writing this semester, register for FY Seminar in Spring.
  • If you're taking FY Seminar this semester, register for FY Writing in Spring.
  • Prepare yourself with a list of several options that interest you and fit around any other commitments you know about. 
  • Add these options to your plan in Student Planning now.
  • Register during your earliest opportunity during Registration Week (be sure you have met with your adviser and received permission to register).
  • FY Writing & Seminar will not take waiting lists -- if a class is full, add a different one. If you really want it, keep checking to see if you can add it later.
  • Do not register for more than one section -- there are not enough spaces to accommodate this kind of "shopping." If you are lucky enough to get into more than one "planned" course, you must drop all but the one you plan to take.
  • You will be able to make changes to your FYW/FYS during registration week and future add/drop periods but 
  • Once classes begin in January, you cannot change your FYW/FYS class. 

Monday, October 30, 2017

Rest-of-Semester Roadmap Redux: Advising/Registration info for Spring 2018

Advising Period for the Spring semester is Oct 30 - Nov. 15.

Registration is at your assigned time on myBarnard during the week of Nov. 13-17.

Refresh your memory about how to use myBarnard/Student Planning to plan and register for courses:

Missed Rest-of-Semester Roadmap or want to review it so you know what to do next?  Watch the Prezis below:

Part 1: Fall 2017 Deadlines & Advice about the current semester:

Part 2: Fall 2017 Deadlines & advice for advising and registration for spring:

The Inclusive Classroom—Barnard faculty are seeking your input!

Barnard will host a workshop for faculty on inclusivity in the classroom in December.

In preparation for this faculty event, we want to hear from you about your experiences in the classroom.

Please attend this listening session for First-Year Students on
Thursday, November 2 from 5:30-7:00 PM in the
Ella Weed Room, 223 Milbank Hall

Pizza and drinks will be served !

RSVP to Laurie Postlewate or Pam Cobrin 

If you cannot attend the listening session, but would like to communicate your thoughts, please send them to Prof. Postlewate or Prof. Cobrin at the above address or come see us in person.

All communications are anonymous and sincerely appreciated!

Philosophy Program Planning Meeting Tues 10/31, 12-1pm, 326 Milbank

Introducing "Advanced Search" to myBarnard/Student Planning

If you logged into myBarnard/Student Planning today, you may notice a slightly different look. Changes are largely cosmetic and should not affect your experience of advising, planning, or registering for Spring 2017.  But check out one new feature:  Advanced Search, useful if you want to search for courses by one or many of the following:
  • Semester
  • General Education requirement
  • Day of the week
  • Time of day
  • Instructor
  • Department
  • Course number
  • Section number
How does Advanced Search work?
To access the Course Catalog in Student Planning, click on the Student Planning tab on the top left of the screen. From the drop-down menu, click on Course Catalog.

From there, you’ll be taken to a list of departments and subjects.

Click on Advanced Search to access filters for semester, subjects, what days the course is on, time of day, and course type (course type refers to the Foundations or Nine Ways of Knowing requirement a course fulfills).

Happy searching!

Friday, October 27, 2017

WebAdvisor / Student Planning Out of Service this weekend

BCIT will be performing maintenance on myBarnard affecting Student Planning and WebAdvisor this weekend (Oct. 28/29). Please do not try to use Student Planning, WebAdvisor, or P/D/F election until Monday morning (Oct. 30).